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I have had all sorts of problems trying to get back onto this site.

I seem to have been guided into downloading all sorts of stuff!

Argh . . now having taken a degree in logging on etc,

downloading this that and the other . . my pc is all messed up!

Grumbles under breath.

Other than trying to rid of what I never wanted has anyone else

cursed the air blue?

xx Ros xx

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Hiya Ros.

Yep, it sent me mad. Eventually got the laptop sorted and got on. The desktop didn't want to know despite downloading Chrome and Safari. So I gave up with it. Yesterday I thought I will sort the little devil out. Fired it up and got straight on using the IE version they had originally told me was too old..They must have sorted something out. Sorry you had such a bad time.

Bobby xxx


I am wondering if you could use outside help, by which i mean the local computer adviser. Look in the local paper and see if there is a "PC" Doctor. He could advise. Good luck, annieseed x


Sorry you have had such a hard time logging on. I can't give any advice cos the only thing I know about computers is "If it don't work ring son" Good luck, if you lived near I would send him around.x


I managed to mess up my laptop trying to update Internet Explorer, and then install Google Chrome. My daughter spent hours trying to sort the problem out at the weekend.

I am still getting a message checking that I am sure I want to open this site.



Sorry to read all of you problems,

Patience would have been a furtue,

Mini I-pad working on two browsers, safari and murcury ,

Laptop windows 7. Working on two browsers, IE10 and google.

Windows phone , working on one browser IE.?

Old desktop windows XP , working on IE 8/9 not sure plus google chrome.

Signing in working at this moment.

If you PC supports it return to a previous ' Restore Point'

Clear all you old history , clear cookies and cache from you browser,

And try again .

It appears they have rectified all previous browser problems.


Cursed the air blue, Ros? Frankly, yes! :-) :-) Alison


I am still having probs. I get messages in my inbox but unable to use them and have to

go round the houses trying to get in. My messages tell me that I am still

not supported. So guess I will not come on too much.

Thanks all you guys for taking time to reply

Will wait until I am feeling a bit better. My UC and COPD have left me feeling very week

at the moment.

Take care

xx Ros xx


Sorry you are so unwell Rose. I too have to go round the houses but I will miss your posts so don't stay away too long. My UC has been blamed for the last 2 1/2 years for my anaemia but it is OK at the moment. I have a maintenance dose of Asacol and have not had a bleed for over 2 years. I think my anaemia is due to reflux meds interfering with absorption of vits. I take B vits + B12 + liquid iron. Not too much pain in abdomen either at the moment so how they can blame everything on UC I do not know. Hope you feel better soon. Please come back v soon. :-) :-) :-) Alison


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