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Prednisolone 25

Just finished my 4 day course, (one a day) and I must say I feel wonderful.

No sign of shortness of breath, and no side effects.

I'm back on the treadmill without getting stressed again Woo Hoo.

Must remember to stay away from losers who go into public places with the flu from hell and cough all over everyone.

How thoughtless. Anyway I'm back to my normal again.

Race you to the Tim Tams everyone. Keith :)

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Hi Keith, glad you are feeling so good. I love that steroid buzz. Wish it could last! :-) :-) Alison


Yes I enjoy the steroid buzz, I don't get side effects just feel good and they make me want to eat which is good. Hope your feel good factor lasts Keith.

Lib x


Glad you're feeling better. Long may it last.

Lucky re steroids, they don't do that for me, in fact after 3 days I feel terrible on them.

Enjoy your new found energy :-)


Great news. I've only had them twice but they were great for me.

Lynne xx


Wonderful critters those steroids - my little wonder pills. Glad to hear they have worked for you, now enjoy yourself to the limit ! :) xx


Glad your feeling so good. I no longer get that buzz from pred and couldn't manage a treadmill to save my life. Well done. M


Thank you everyone for your positive feed back. Luv Ya's. Keith :)


So pleased the Prednisolone have worked an you feel fine Bliss xx


Was that just one 5mg steroid for 4 days?

polly xx


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