Morning peeps!

I see we have to use a google browser today, its getting like the weather this is, I was amused when it said my browser was old, considering i use IE 10 and its updated regularly, on a windows 8 smartphone. Yesterday it was the fault of the BLF using an old browser, which one will it be tomorrow, Mozilla Firefox, God, Atmospherics,

I think we should open a Sweepstake on what tomorrows excuse will be, I'll give 3-1 on a software incompatibility !

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  • I suspect everyone can do without criticism, when BLF are not responsible for the technical issues that ARE being dealt with by HU. Persistent, untrue accusations about BLF or anyone else, not helpful in support of our community.

    I think we just need to be a little bit thankful we have the community to share and support each other.

    I just find your sweepstake comment about excuses, disrepectful, uncalled for and unappreciative of what we have here.

  • My reply to dickydoo.

  • Oh, my, we are cynical today, hun bun.

    The first thing I do with any system, is remove IE as the browser - well, it was written by Microsoft, and we all know how Microsoft like to sabotage their own software...I don't allow automatic updates for their operating systems either - it was only recently, thousands had their computers 'bricked' because of a corruption in one of their updates...

    I've tested the accessibility of this forum on a range of browsers, all equally successful and unsuccessful - indicating sporadic and intermittent faults....

    Take a chill-pill and relax :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Just fed up withe excuses !

  • I know, it's been very frustrating. Just when you think a problem has been resolved, another crops up ..... thankfully I've found an interim home-from-home forum, which is uber friendly and supportive, which I wouldn't have found had this site not been so impossible to access :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Interim ?

  • Unless this site stabilises, it may become full-time :) It's a closed forum, and I had to provide 3 references before I was accepted :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Possibly what you are really fed up with dickydoo is that the site isn't working the way you want it. Don't fret so much about that, eventually I am sure things will work out just fine.

    We all know HU are doing the best they can hard at work to iron out the kinks. BLF are not making any excuses for anything, both HU and BLF have asked us to bear with them and in the circumstances that IS something we can do.

  • Don't be condescending, don't care how it works the format makes no odds, just wont accept excuses fir poor workmanship.

    If you walked into a resteraunt where i was working and ordered lamb,but got mutton and i blamed the farmer who sold it to butcher who sold it to me, even though it's my job to make sure it's right in the first place, would you sit back and say be patient with the chef.

    But then i forgot you dint like direct confrontation.

  • The difference being I would expect good food and service for money paid. If the restaurant was offering free food and service to its customers I would be more tolerant of the situation or I would chose an alternative more satisfactory place to eat.

    At least that is what I would do dickydoo.

    I don't intend to be condescending at all dickydoo.

    I am sorry you are feeling out of sorts today, hope you are feeling better soon.

    Things I am sure will be worked out eventually.

    Here's to better days.

  • Dd I don't like Google so I changed my IE to Firefox. Works very well too! Faster than IE.

    bev x

  • LOL Bev, anything is faster than IE :d

    Sandra x x x

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