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Fluid E cigs and chronic lung disease update !

Well being pretty Anti E Cigs a think am turing corner on risk V benefit.

As most will know is a subject have followed with interest.

Well here's my findings based on aunt aged 68 with smoking history walking breathing difficulties and constant suffer of lung infections pretty much in worse condition than my self.

That was then but now you would not NO she had such a bad chest or walking problems as on surface is in better nick than me :(

Well from various papers on internet most of us suffer lung infections .... and to be fair and honest its those that finish us of as it gets to much for our heart lungs.

Fungal lung infections are by far the worse to treat as most antibiotics only help Which brings me to fluid in E Cigs nebulised

Propylene glycol is also used in some meds to fight major fungal infections and cancers

But am not saying its a mirical as there more than likely other chemicals involved ..... but looking at my aunt she is doing well with no infection yet i am nursing a new one :o

Health profession is very interested in nebulised propylene glycol to help fight lung disease and its deadly infection's as there issues of getting antibiotics into our body

So given all that i am going to be using fluid E cig to clear my own infection.

On and Off basses and see how i i go myself

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Take care and let us know the results please


Cheers as am undergoing test myself ad be a fool not to see if my own condition in proves ... Cheers all the best :)

You set me thinking Daz. I gave up the cigarettes (40 a day) two years ago when I was in hospital with cellulitis in my legs. My son brought me an E-ciggy in and I kept to it. I haven't touched an ordinary cigarette since. I haven't had a flare up in those two years and I used to get them regularly. So, there could be something in what you say.

Regards, Bobby

Hi cheers , ye a was very anti fluid E cigs but looking at my aunt and how she is now .... A think she must have had infection normal meds mask help with ... But don't cure

It's good to see someone who previously had very fixed views on something, be able to change their mind through investigation and personal experience and also to say that they have changed their mind and why. Well done Daz. Be very interested to see how things progress. :) xx

Cheers al keep posted on how i get on :)

yes, good luck to your Aunt and agree with Scrobbitty, always good to know we can have an opinion and then except a new one from our experiences. Must be where the old saying comes from , to keep an open mind.

Good luck to your Aunt. love Anna x

Cheers ye she doing well :)

Hate to say it am jelious ... But am happy is doing so well

Just have to try sort myself out now :)

I may have got this wrong, but I thought e-cigarettes contained nicotine? If so, wouldn't anyone using them be re-igniting a nicotine addiction?

Am not expert on levals of nicotine in E cigs

But i was told there is sliding scale so assume there is some liquid with none or nect to

But on scale of things a can't keep getting infections as eavh one takes thst bit more out of me

Cheers all the best :)

You can get non nicotine ones so I believe and varying strengths. It depends on whether you use them to replace the dreaded cig with it's known 4000 toxic chemicals or try the e-cig some of which have far fewer of them, least not the tar.

Cheers :)

How's your aunt?

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