Why me?

The first decent bit of sunshine we get in yonks and what happens? They dig up the road outside my house and it is going to last for a week. They are burning off the top surface now so all of my windows are closed. The fumes are still getting to me though. Spike the guinea pig is sat here with me (didn't want him to choke outside) and he is not best pleased either. Ok, that's my rant over. Carry on chaps.

Love to all

Bobby xxx

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They did the same to our road a few years ago, tar and grit everywhere in the house as well as the fumes,

In times past mothers are said to have taken their children who had coughs to breathe in the road making smells(don't know if that is really true...don't try this at home...health and safety warning)

In 1978 my son who was 4 at the time almost died from whooping cough as the road lower down from us was being tarmacked my husband carried him to it and let him breathe in the fumes.Also as he was getting better took him up the hills.

That was the first of his 9 lives he lost a few after that.


We tend to forget how cruel a lot of those diseases used to be. That one nearly got me 60 years or so ago. Modern treatments have certainly improved things Gail.

Bobby xxx

knitter, I loved that smell as a kid. Now I hate it from the tar. Still like coal tar soap though.

Bobby xxx

Oh no, that is horrible. I hate roadworks - the smell, bad air, noise, it is torture.

Hope they finish it all ASAP



I did something lunchtime Jan I haven't done for years ....I went round the pub. Had two halves of brown ale and I was a lot more circumspect about the whole problem.

Love from Bobby xxxx

I can cope Koala, I can cope. lol

Bobby xxxx

Oh hell is there no where you can escape to?

Janet xxxx

OH poor Bobby, how awful for you that's all you need, still it will be worth it when it's done, as they say poor poor spike the piggy Send him on his holidays to Peru on his holidays you will only need a 1 way ticket lol

Ted sends his sympathies too

love julie xxx

That's not nice Julie. Poor Spike. He doesn't like South America anyway. That's why he claimed asylum here. lol

Bobby xxxx

Miserable!! Hope they hurry up - those fumes will be really bad for you. You need a gas mask to venture outside!! If you can be bothered ring the council and have a damn good moan at them! Take care of you and Spike. TAD xx

Believe it not I have still got a WW2 gas mask. I bought it for something years ago but I can't remember what now.

Bobby xxx

Oh Bobby that is so not fair. Very sorry you cannot get out. Sending my love

anna xxx

Aw thank you for that Anna. Kisses back.

Bobby xxxx

Not a good situation Bobby. I hope it does not last too long. x

Thanks Toci. I could always go and stay with my son in Bristol. Perhaps not, his wife is a bit of a tartar.

Bobby xxx

That is so miserable on a hot day like today. Chin up Bobby, you can deal with it.

Lib x

I can cope Lib. I'm a big boy now. Well. width wise anyway.

Bobby xxxx

Sorry to hear that Bobby,I notice you have all the sun on that side of the country today,over on this side it looks like blooming rain.i hope there not to long and you and Spike can get back to normality :)

That's not good, but hope you and spike manage to have a good day xxx

Come down to Dorsetshire for a few days with wifey and spikey. You can share our cardboard box with pleasure. We have fresh air and sunshine. We also have Kevin. :) xx

If you think I am coming down there with that Kevin loose........


It is a noisy time of the year. Normally quiet in this road, but neighbour has decided to put down astra turf flanked by chinese paving stones which have to be shaped (noise and dust) The other neighbour loves his hammer and nails. But they are living their lives so close windows and put the fan on. There will be BBQs at the weekend.

However, Bobby, I do sympathise with you. Roadworks are the very worst. You can shred this moaning of mine and use it as litter for Spike. Love Annie xx

There is nothing worse than bad neighbours Annie. I always ask for peace and quiet nicely the first time. The second time my two biggest lads have a quiet word.

Bobby xxxx

Poor you my mother would take me out to inhale the smell of tarmac so get out there Bobby and have a good smell !!!

take care

love Dorothyxx

And me Dorothy. Still use coal tar soap quite often.

Bobby xxxx

Hi Bobby, cheer up mate, try sitting with your feet in a bowl of cold water - you'll need to keep an eye on spike though,

All the best mate,


Thank you all for your kind comments. I might need somewhere else to live though. I have just phoned wifey and told her I can't collect her from school tonight 'cos I can't get the car out. I had to cover Spikeys ears when she replied. I said are you supposed to use language like that in a school? The air just got bluer. Ho hum.

Love to all

Bobby xxxx

Hop on the train and come to Wales I've got a very nice spare room, but you cannot bring spike,, this is an animal free zone. xx


That's a shame 'cos I can be a bit of an animal at times. lol

Love from Bobby xxxx

I bet you can, Bobby, whip, handcuffs the lot SMILEY

Have you been looking in my bedside cabinet? lol

Bobby xxxx

Leave Spike with me in Shropshire, and you go to stay in exblondes nice spare room (we've got spare rooms but they're not nice). Spike will be fed and watered and looked after as if he was my own.

Lib x

Just had word with Spike and he said would his room be en-suite. He's a right fussy little devil.

Bobby xxxx

Oh dear.thats not very nice for you :-(

Jayne, this lot on here are more worried about the guinea pig than me so thank you for that.

Bobby xxx

;-) xx

Mega sympathy on the bitumen fumes Bobby, and only hope they are speedy in their work to get the job completed swiftly ...

Nice to hear Spike is indoors out of the heat and fumes. :)

Sandra x x x

Thanks Sandra. They have gone for the day and Spike is out on the lawn scoffin' the grass. I think he got bored with my conversation.

Bobby xxxx

3:30 and they have knocked off for the day. Hooray! Urrrgh! Wifey is home soon. Never mind. By the way, don't tell her I said that.

Bobby xxx

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