Old methods

In the 1940s i was a child an had TB in hospital for months then spent more time going back and forth for exercises and ultra violet treatment .

One exercise that sticks in my mind was the three little pigs i had to huff and puff too blow the house down .this is over 65 years ago and we are still told to huff !! have a good day

Dorothy xx

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  • Oh wonderful, I shall see that image of pigs huffing and puffing when I do it - made me smile that one. :) xx

  • I still do it and it works xx

  • Nice picture Dorothy!!

    Thank you for sharing it! I had not heard that one before, perhaps it is time for a revival..can we get it added in to pr courses?

    Enjoy your day

    Kevin x

  • I THINK the huff huff is still taught because it helps bring the phlegm up

    have a great day

  • Treatment for my TB, once I'd finally gotten over the worst, included 2 cans of Mackesons a day. This was in the mid 70s and it was supposed to help me put on weight. I can't see that being prescribed these days.

  • No i dont when i was having my daughter in 1965 i was given stout when in hospital bcause my blood count was down!! take care

    Dorothy xx

  • My first son was also born in 1965 Dorothy. All my mates insisted on buying me drinks. The problem was that then, as now, I rarely drank. When I got to hospital I got the rollicking of all rollickings from my then wife. I soon went back to being teetotal.

    Bobby xxx

  • Hi Bobby i am teetotal not because of choice about 25 yrears ago i became allergic to alcohol i now have to carry epi pen around

    Take care

    love Dorothy xx

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