Will Tuesday be a new start for KOTC

......Will Tuesday be a new start for KOTC

KOTC first bucked up courage to do my first blog on August 13th 2012

Sometime later KOTC posted the first funny as far as I am aware. KOTC thought ,rightly or wrongly that a little humour would be appreciated. November 3rd 2012 Grandma and her computer appeared.

Since that KOTC has posted 290 blogs

And made/shared 4500 comments

Shared numerous messages.

KOTC might have caused some small controversy but has at all times tried to keep jokes clean and inoffensive.

KOTC has always wanted this site to be full of friendship and has not participated in controversy.

Let's see what happens on Tuesday


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  • It will be a new start for all I suspect Richard, since I assume that all the blogs now here and up until the changes are made will disappear as they did when the changes happened in 2012 :) xx Don't change who you are though, you are very much appreciated for exactly who you are.

  • thanks my little friend scrobbity

  • Let there be peace eh KING

    Love your blogs my friend keep em coming

    The Witch


  • Peace to the blogging world!

  • Soooo looking forward to Tuesday Hope it brings a fresh start for all

    Thanks for the laugh KOTC an no you have never offended me but often made my days brighter so from me Thank You

    Love Julie xx

  • Looking on the brighter side of life from now on Julie

  • Keep on with the jokes KOTC, NEARLY as good as the tennis today, lol


  • Well really Peta, must admit, I loved it

  • Long live the King!

  • King of the castle ! You're?(one of my favourite subjectslibby)

  • I love your jokes Richard. Keep 'em coming.

    Bev x

  • Plenty more being developed every day for you Bev

  • I'm really curious to see the changes.

    I hope it lets people pick and chose as they wish.

    Lynne xx

  • Let's all be choosy!

  • You keep going KOTCs, your contribution to the site is appreciated.

    Lib x

  • You may now join the King appreciation society

  • Keep going , I will find you somewhere. Not been using the site for too long regularly but have dipped my toes in the water before. I think it has a good, no really god balance. Happy and sad, funny and serious, educational and leisure...in fact just like normal, well balanced family life.

  • It has a little bit of what you fancy for everyone Brian. KOTC comes originally from north of Cornwall's border.

  • You are trying to tell me he is "English"? Oh no. A Devonshire Dumpling? Can I remove my post, please.

  • A true BARUMITE,(Barnstaple).You are staying put.

  • It's people like you that make this site great,long may you blog KOTC, and take care of yourself in this heat,hope the changes will be good for all! huff xxxx

  • Not the promised sun in Hottingham today. Change is as good as a? Huff

  • Encouraged by your blogs and messages KOTC I joined my local Breathe Easy group who are a really friendly bunch. This Wednesday I am attempting to do a sponsored walk with the BE group to raise funds for the BLF, something I'd never thought I'd ever try :)

  • Well done letys on both counts

  • whatever I manage on Wednesday will be down in part to the lovely people on this site, and my new friends at Breathe Easy. Its so easy to just give in and say I can't. Knowing that people are rooting for you, makes all the difference. All the best for Tuesday KOTC

  • Did you join Breathe Easy because of what you had seen on this site letys ?

  • Yes I did. Having been pretty active prior to my copd I was feeling a bit isolated, so I took the advice given on this site and contacted my local Breathe Easy group. Everyone there is welcoming and because they know what the illness is like on a day to day basis they understand each others low days and share in their good ones.

  • That's Breathe Easy

  • Lets hope .... Tuesday and beyond.....

    Lets hope it will be a community where everyone can come for support and be in friendship and respect for one another.

    Lets hope.

  • Let's hope we will be able to enjoy each others company.|BlakeyC

  • Please keep up the jokes - need my medicine and the blogs - thanks xx still waiting for teddy! ha ha xx

  • The little 'b' went down to the woods and I haven't seen him since. Maybe next time undine

  • Love your jokes KOTC!

    Looking forward to seeing what the forum is like after Tuesday :-)


  • Will it be 'Surprise Surprise ' ?

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