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Looking after you in hot weather

Many of us already know this information but some may not so, the information below are some tips that can help us cope better. The information is from the BLF page "Weather and your lungs"

Hot weather and your lungs

?If you have a lung condition, then hot weather can make it worse. Here are some tips to help you keep cool:

1. Avoid going outside during the hottest times of day 12-2pm

2. Avoid excessive physical activity, or do it in the cooler ends of the day.

3. Keep the windows closed while the room is cooler than it is outside. If safe, open windows at night when the air is cooler.

4. Have cool baths or showers, and splash yourself with cool water.

5. Drink water or fruit juice regularly (avoid alcohol, tea or coffee).

6. Wear loose, cool clothing and a hat if you go outdoors and remember to take any medication that you might need with you.

7. Avoid areas of high pollution – sunlight can react with pollutants to form especially harmful substances such as ozone and oxides of nitrogen

8. You can check pollution levels in your area by ringing 0800 556677 (for free) or visit

9. Make sure you drink plenty of water

10. If you suffer from hay fever during the summer months you can check the pollen count

If you are worried, please call the British Lung Foundation's helpline on 03000 030 555. **

** open mon-fri 10 am to 6pm

I would add to no. 6, when going outside, always carry with you, your mobile phone in case of emergency. Take a bottle of water with you and small battery operated hand held fan, a small pump action spray bottle (can get in boots, the travel clear bottles) these you can fill with water and spray on your face then use the hand held fan for a cooling affect. Sit or if walking stay in the shade when you can.

Other options I have used which have been helpful:

- Carry with you the lunch box size soft gel ice cool packs.

- Carry an umbrella as an alternative to shade you.

- Buff tube excellent all round protection, can use as a mask if walking by traffic or to shade yourself, I have the UV protection one, they are great and easy to carry with you.

If I think of anything else I will add, please add anything you find useful too, it will be great to share tips.

Many thanks BC

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Thanku x

Regarding the buff, there are many ways to wear, here is a great video showing you how:

I have the UV summer buff and original, you can use either all year round.

Very informative Blakey

Thank you

Hi Joy and Jenny, hope you are both keeping cool today.

Another thing I always do is check the metoffice site which gives a lot of information about the weather, pollen count, UV etc. The pollen count is very high at the moment and all of next week is going to be very hot.

Just put your post code in for 5 days forecast to get information for your location and click on the Map tab for UV, Pollen etc. Here is link:

or go here:

excellent advice...thank you


I've had a wonderful day in Coverack on The Lizard Peninsula (Cornwall).

My son, his friend, Jason, and my son's Goddaugher, Katie, called to collect me at half past eleven this morning. They drove me down to Coverack (via Sainsbury's in Helston).

We had a roast pork Sunday lunch in the dining room and then went into the sitting room to watch Andy Murray v Djokovik on TV - wonderful game. I know that you are probably thinking "What the hell has this got to do with anything?" but be patient!!!

After Andy Murry won, I went outside and was wandering around the garden (speaking to some newly fledged sparrows, would you believe) and I found that I was having problems breathing. (Jason's house is a few hundred yards back from the cliff edge and the sea so there was a bit of a breeze.) Since having the COPD symptoms it is the first time that I have been out in really hot weather. I wish that I had read your post before I went out for the day!

Once I was feeling a little better I really messed up!!!!!!!! Jason's Mum (who lives in the Granny Flat) is away for a few days and I thought it would be a good idea to check her greenhouse to see how her plants were faring - they weren't doing too well poor things. I filled some watering cans and went into the greenhouse to water the plants - wrong move!! I almost keeled over with the heat. Katie alerted everyone and there was a discussion about whether to call an ambulance (on The Lizard Peninsula the Fire Brigade arrives in advance of the ambulance - I kid you not). Anyway, I convinced everyone that I was not about to pop my clogs but I was sooooooooo scared.

After that I stayed out of the sun as much as possible and I was fine. I'm at home now and for the next few days (which are supposed to be hot, hot, hot) I'm going to be very careful.

I'm now going to go on E-bay to buy some hand-held fans and I will not be going outdoors without them during hot weather.

Thank you so much for advising us how to deal with very hot weather. I just wish that I had read your post before going off to my day on The Lizard.

Love and hugs

Take care



Hi Annec, You sound like you had a wonderful day up until you went in the greenhouse, so sorry you had experienced that, it must have been frightening for you. So glad you have recovered now, do take extra care over this next week, its going to be difficult for many of us I think.

It was 32C in the shade here and my airways have closed up a couple of times even sitting in the shade and staying inside.

It is hard going but I will try to get up ultra early tomorrow to go to exercise, try to get back home before the heat sets in.

Take good care Annec.

Love n hugs back to you.

BC xox

Thanks for the info Blakey - good stuff!

Hi All

I've just posted this on Peeg's blog but thought I would add it here also.

A cooling towel to wear around the neck which I find really helpful. It would also be useful to wrap around swelling ankles or arthritic joints which get inflamed with hot weather. I have the large towel which I have cut in two lengthways.

Also you can get a cooling neck scarf also very useful in hot weather:

There's lots of good aids out there to help keep us cool in hot weather.

Ebay are bound to have these products too.

Keep cool every one.

What is a buff tube please?

Its explained in the two videos Julie.

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