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Poetry yet again

Now that you are all in bed

i think I'll lay my crazy head

and dream about more stupid things

of ghost's and beasties

and things that have wings

things that go bump

and creek in the night

the shadows outside

that give you a fright

the thing that lives

at the bottom of the bed

are you sure

its really old ted

what's in the wardrobe

is it definitely just clothes

or is it an ogre

come to chomp on your toes

you daren't take a peek

but your bursting for a leek

and out of the bed

you know you must sneak

now is the time

that the bogey mans working

you look at the attic door

is that where he's lurking

out of your bed

you try to creep

across the landing

without a peep

then all of a sudden

comes an almighty shriek

there's some one already sat there

as white as a sheet

but now it ok

you now what's about

it was only your grandma

wandering without

so back to bed

you toddle away

not a care in the world

not a wobble or sway

but the covers are gone

then you hear something say

it was really the banshee

that called on her way.


aka. DD

sleep tight if you can

don't dream in your sleep

and don't take a peep

cos' you never know what's there!!!

night night :D

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The bogey men where in my dreams last night, I shot two of them. I kept waking up and then going back to sleep and dreaming the same dream.

Lovely poem.

Lib x


Spooky, atmospheric. Well done DD


I dreamt I was at the top of a lamp post with a lion below trying to get me.............I wonder what a psychoanalyst would say to that.


...possibly that you are incredibly agile to scale the lamp post???? LOL


Scared of pussy's


Talented man.


Aw hun, another wee gem :)

Sandra x x x


Thankyou Hun xxxxxx


Glad I read that this morning...............................

Better than yesterday, keep them coming, actually you could make them into a book..................



I suppose between us all we could do a BLF Comic ?


nice one thank you x


Very very good thank you DD,pleasure to meet you and make your acquaintence.


Same here nice to see other people posting and enjoying what they read :)


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