I was very disappointed with what I saw today in Blackpool..........KOTC

....................I was very disappointed with what I saw in Blackpool today

I was on the seafront and saw a man and woman having an almighty domestic-in front of loads of kids without a care in the world.

Suddenly,the woman smacked the guy in the head and it all kicked off.

There was a massive brawl and someone called the POLICE...........

Poor Copper turned up on his own and took his baton to the man-but there was still a big fight and the man managed to snatch it off him and began assaulting the COP AND his wife!

Then this crocodile snuck up and stole the sausages!

Most of you will know what this is,but I bet there's some who don't



Most of you will know what Breathe Easy is

For those who don't phone 03000 030 555 for information Mon -Fri 10am 6pm

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  • You had me until crocodile LOL - nice one :) xx

  • Sausages!!

  • And that Policeman has been down at the Pleasure Beach, laughing his head off, for donkeys years... ;)

  • Hello,helo,hello,NEIGH officer

  • Oh!! Punch and Judy.

  • My sister was Called Judy and I can remember the punch!

  • Nice one lol

  • Have you been to Blackpool

  • No , but I would like to see the lights

  • You had me going there Richard LOL


  • Got you going,AGAIN!

  • I actually thought ,poor copper,where's his back up ;) brill

  • Judy was his back up

  • Even knowing you I still did believe it for the first 7 lines.

    Another good blogg


  • You're a daydream believer!

  • Gullible or what

    Thanks o king

    love Tina x :)

  • Maybe,jusy maybe Tina !

  • loved it Oh the wonderful memories punch and Judy, Donkeys on the beach........

    julie xx

  • Me dad picking up the droppings for his roses!

  • Well, I too fell into the gullible trap, Kingy.... and I do remember those Punch and Judy shows at the beach so well. :)

    Sandra x x x

  • I caught you now,it was you that never put a penny in the hat.You scarpered

  • na na nana na ... didn't call me the pocket rocket for nothing, ya know :p

    Sandra x x x

  • Nice one Joyce

  • I was always petrified of being so high up on the donkey.Loved Punch and Judy

  • I must be going mad I was believing this. :) :)

  • You maybe right with that comment

  • wonderful, can I pinch this please?

  • Of course you can.Steady now here comes the copper!

  • Thanks Kingofthecocktails. Got me laughing and coughing!! Good start to the day :)

  • A spluttering start.

  • I actually fell for that one, very good though x

  • Pick yourself up dust yourself down and start again

  • Haha nice 1 kingofcocktails I thought it was a true story haha :) xxx

  • It is a true story,been being told for years

  • Got me with that one, wont catch me next time :)

  • Don't forget to catch me when!

  • Ya caught me there Richard. But isn't it a comment on today's society that we believed it to be a true story.


  • Yep.Sad but true

  • King - I know the chap you are describing very violent, ugly bugger with a huge nose. Where

    On earth are social services when we need them ! Adrian

  • In hiding,scared of him

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