Memories 2

I wrote a blog titled "Memories" last night bewailing the fact that everyone had disappeared to watch the soaps and I was left all alone. Before long people started to appear out of the woodwork.

Now I am not as daft as I look. All the comments appeared during the advertising breaks. So all of you that did that, I am wise to your little game. Don't pretend you have been on here all the time.

I will be watching you next Monday and deducting house points from latecomers,

Bobby xxxx

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  • Oh, Bobby, how could you possibly think that!!!! As if any one of us lovely people would do that!!! :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Anyway, how would you know when the adverts were on, if you weren't watching the tv too???? Wanna answer that!!!!! :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Yep, easy question. My wife appears with a cup of tea only when the ads are on. I don't see her otherwise. Don't see youngest son either as he is a addict too. A great shame in one so young. lol

    Bobby xxxx

  • Oh, I'll believe you on that. Sharon looks after you too well, and I believe she would bring you a cuppa during an ad break. ;)

    Sandra x x x

  • You Sussed that one out pretty quick Bobby,well done.give me a good documentary anytime.

  • You,ll be at it all week mate, soaps are on 24/7 don,t envy you the task you,ve set yer self, and don't disturb them in the middle of Corry, unless you got a death wish, oh! I can exclude wheezy from that she don't watch a lot of telly :D

  • Is Albert Tatlock still in corrie or Ena Sharples ? hehe

  • Or Minnie Cauldwell, and bobby the cat :)

  • I have come to terms with the fact that the illness has affected my memory big time, though i think a lot could be down to the meds we have to take. I used to have a brilliant memory but things like books i have read in the past etc now often escape me recently some one here had a very rude dig at me( cant remember who,not important ) over my spelling mistake take it all with a pinch of salt now and put it down to ignorance. I also find that as well as my memory being affected my concentration is too. I find i can no longer watch tv for too long nowadays and no longer watch the soaps though hubby insists on having East enders on I find sport the easiest thing to watch now. xxxxxxxxx Julie

  • I was on from 7pm -11. 30 pm.I wouldn't leave youalone Bobby.


  • Thanks Richard. It's nice to know I won't be completely alone.


  • Bobby. there is something definitely odd about me because I dont follow soaps. No particular reason, although i used to enjoy Neighbours. I do like Doctors with my lunch but that can be daft. I go in more for quizzes and just a bit of antiques. And of course the tennis. love annieseedx

  • Oh Lord, I hate quizes and tennis. I wil let you off with the antiques though

    Bobby xxxx

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