Just got back from the hospital had sphene this morning to say my youngest grandchild had been took in hospital yet again it's,is 4th time since he was born and he's not one yet the first time was when he was 5 weeks old with,broncolitis he was a very poorly little baby and broke my heart to see,him all wired,up and tubes every were and,since,then when he as a cold he ends up with breathing problems Theocritus have been brilliant with him and are now treating him,for,Aetna just keeping my fingers crossed he doesn't go as,poorly as he did last time :(

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  • Poor little mite - fingers crossed they have caught it early enough for him to recover quickly. Chin up, he's in the right place. :) xx

  • It is very hard to watch a baby like your grandson struggling with lung conditions, especially as each time makes the lung weaker. Hope all goes well and he recovers quickly, we have more medical options these days so every best wish for a good outcome

  • Oh, dear Pamela, that isn't good at all. I do so hope he picks up quickly with the treatment. Please let us know his progress :)

    Sandra x x x

  • This is a really hard time for you, Pamela. It is so traumatic to see a poorly child, and when it is your own, much harder. The only comfort I can give you, Pamela, is that myself, and probably all the members of this forum will be thinking about you. With love and hugs, and very best wishes for your grandchild's complete recovery. Love Annieseed xxx

  • So very sorry to hear this it must be so hard for you and family to be going through. He is in very good hands though. Will be thinking of you all God bless xxx Julie

  • I,m so very sorry to hear you news, you must be beside yourself with worry for the poor little lad, I really hope he recovers soon & has no long term affects from it



  • So sad when babies are poorly saying a prayer for your Grandson. What is his name Pamela?

    Hugs to you and the parents


  • Pamela

    I hope things turn out well for you. My grandaughter was in for some time with meningitis. It's the feeling of not being able to do anything no matter how much you want to that wears you down. I will keep everything crossed for you and your precious one.

    Lots of love and cuddles

    from Bobby xxxx

  • All the best for a good result Pamela, poor little mite, so sad. Libby x

  • Oh Pamela all of us reading your post will feel the same and pray for the best possible outcome for you and little one. There's sure to be someone close by no matter what time you come on.

    Good luck and take heart,


  • Poor little mite. Too little to help himself, but I'm sure everyone is doing all they can to help him. It must e so worrying for you and the family.

    Lynne xx

  • So sorry to hear of your Grandson's health problems. Sincere wishes for a full recovery for your little one and strength to you and the rest of your family

    With love


  • Oh Pamela, how awful for you and your grandchild (and of course his parents).

    I hope that everything goes well and that the baby is on the mend soon. Illness always seems so much worse when a baby is ill.

    Lots of love and hugs



  • So sorry to here this Pam, bless the little man, keeping fingers crossed he will recover quickly.

    Sending special thoughts for all.

    Hugs BC x

  • So sorry to hear, love hugs and prayers for you all. Hope he gets better soon.

    Tina x

  • What a terrible time for you all,do hope & pray,it's good news soon.Poor little lamb,not a good start for him,but luckily, children are pretty resilient,amazing how they can bounce back so quickly,do hope this is the case for your little one,will be thinking of you all.

    Big hugs,

    Love Wendells xxxx

  • I do hope your grandson is a little better today. What a really stressful time for you all. Love and prayers to you and your family xxx

  • Aww I'm so sorry to hear that, it must be so very hard on you and his mom and dad watching him being so poorly. They are so vulnerable when they are that little. I will certainly keep him in my prayers. Having two your grandkids my self I know the way everything that happens to them affects me I'll also say a little prayer for you too.

  • Dear Pamela

    So sorry to hear your grandson has had such a rough time. My grandson has too and its like being on a roller coaster thinking of you all and sending positive. thoughts and prayers

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