I have been diagnosed with COPD and i am also disabled housebound and over weight, I have recently been lucky that some guys take me out in my wheelchair and are training me in target shooting as a sport, the problem is that target shooting rely's on breathing steady before shooting at the target but i have found that my blue inhaler dose not help at all so ii i am treating myself to a oxygen concentrator am i doing a good thing as i just want to stable things a bit.

I hope this makes sense.

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  • Hi Tommy

    I don't use an oxygen concentrator myself but it sounds a plan to me. I always use a portable oxygen bottle myself for exercise so perhaps you could consider that too. Target shooting is a great sport that us COPDers can do ok. Good luck with it.


  • Good luck on your shooting its great you have a hobby. I would check first with your Doctor or respitory nurse re the concentrater though. Best wishes Julie

  • Thank you Julie

  • Thank you, for your reply.

    I tried shooting about 30 years ago and when i saw the paralympic's last year i just wanted to get back in it and after doing some research everything just fell into place and now its just a pleasure to get out for a couple of hours a week.

    Good Luck

  • I don't use oxygen myself but I have more effective meds than just the blue inhaler. I am on Spiriva and now Seretide. My understanding is you shouldn't use oxygen unless your consultant says you need it. Maybe additional medications are the answer.

    I should speak to your GP and perhaps ring the BLF tomorrow on 03000 030 555.

    Lynne xx

  • I haven't needed oxygen so far, but when I have my PR assessment, it will be discussed. I dont know a lot and am wondering what an oxygen concentrater is. I know, i love the fan on in my bedroom. I am taking the meds you talked about, Lynne

  • Thanks Lyn,

    My gp has just changed within my surgery and now i get whoever is available and they all have different views on my health but i know who i would rather believe .

    I am trying a concentrator next week, i also have Spiriva to use first thing in the morrning.

  • Am Not On Them But Just Been Looking Up RAW LUNGs And Mine Are On Fire .... But Walking Ok So I Assume Its Miner Exacerbations As Only Short And As On Antibiotics Myself And Also Having Hypertonic Saline Treatment Think I Will Have To Keep Me Eye Out

    Infections Defo Not Nice As Never Had Raw Lung Befoure ... Anyway Here Is Interesting Read On Exacerbation's

  • daz go easy on the Hypertonic Saline, my gp just told me it "draws" water out of your lung tissue and can cause a raw irritation, must drink more water when using. If it was 0.9% saline then it is the same salt level as human body.

    take care, su

  • Cheers Never Thought Of That Seen My Lung Doc As Was On It But For Life Of Me Can't Remember If He Said To Still Use Hypertonic Saline While Taking Antibiotics ....

    But He Did Tell Me Not Using It Was Not A Option .... Might Use It Every Other Day While On Antibiotics Then .... Last Thing I Want Is Pneumonia

    Cheers And Thanks Al Take It Easy And Drink More .... :)

  • Hi Tommy

    Nice to hear that you are getting out there.

    My husband is on oxygen 24/7 with a concentrator at home. When we go out which is rare he uses liquid oxygen. This is all provided on the national health. Please speak to your doctor to see if you can get help with this.

    Good luck.


  • Thank you Jean

  • Hi Tommy, what may help when shooting is to exhale fully, hold breath, and in the non breathe moment target fire, then inhale. That was the way I was taught way back. You may want to exhale, inhale, exhale, hold then fire, try it see if that helps any.

    Have a chat with your respiratory nurse about the blue inhaler not working for you, there is likely something else you can try or maybe ask about using a spacer device. The technique in using the inhalers are crucial to getting the medicine to where it needs to be. The respiratory nurse can advise on technique also.

    Hope it all works out for you. Enjoy your target shooting.

    BC x

  • What !!! Exhale and then shoot,I think you'll find it's the other way around Bc.exhale and hold've breathed out,thers nothing to hold.inhale,hold and shoot.what a misleading reply you have given.i have spent many an hour on shooting ranges and if I taught like that I wouldn't be instructing for long.

  • Thank you BC

  • Hi Tommy

    Glad you are enjoying the shooting, are you a spring or pcp man? I do not shoot but my dearly beloved does and if I could count how many times I've had to watch paint dry, well marshall, score, do burgers then I am an expert.

    Take a look at Terry Doe at the Ronnie Sunshines Grand Opening on You Tube (as an ex world champ he should know)

  • Thank you for your letter i am a pcp man i have been training for about 10 weeks as i had to wait for my dispensation certificate before i could join my club or league.I am competing in 2 summer league comps at the moment and i also have to use a special spring tripod as i am paralyzed down left side.

    Billingshurst i think that wasn't far from where i went to school in Midhurst.

    Thanks again i will check out you tube.


  • You're quite right, not far at all. Are you still in the area? Happy shooting :)

  • No im in Swindon now.

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