hi everyone.

i first contacted this great site a few months back and everyone was so suportive. i had been diagnosed with copd. things have taken a turn for the worst i am afriad. docs think that the breast cancer i had 16yrs ago has come back in my Lungs. I was advised to have a biopsy that carried the risk of my Lungs colllapsing and some bleeding into the Lungs. I am a single grandparent to two grandsons one is nearly 18 and the other nearly 14. i have said no to the biopsy and was told that if that was the case then i would be referred to the palliative care team and have a visit booked for the hospice. i was alone clinic and was given a card for the macmilllan nurse and told to call if i had any questions. i had met this doctor twice.I was devastated. luckilly i have a fabulous GP who arranged for me to have a second opinion with the most lovely doctor who has referred me to the Brompton he has said i will need to have a bronchosopy and i am so scared that i wont be able to breathe. Has anyone had this procedure done.?

Does anyone know of the Brompton I have never been so don't know what to expect.

I am off sick at the moment i work ful time and am due back at work on the 3-7-2013

does anyone have any advice for me . thanks so much

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  • I am so sorry I cannot help other than to pray for you, but I'm sure someone will be along soon with advice. There are so many kind and helpful people on here. xxx

  • thank you so much. I am happy for the prayers.

  • Hi Divaanne

    I can understand your concerns.I can't comment on the bronchosopy but I can tell you that our visits to The Brompton respiratory team always gave my mum confidence.I believe the Brompton are leaders in respiratory care and treatment and you do get a strong feel that you are in the care of an expert team.We always found the lung function tests that can be quite a challenge were always managed so well.

    I hope you can take some strength from this X

    Thinking of you Jane

  • I have had a bronchosopy without sedative because my oxygen levels were too low. My throat was numbed though. I didn't find it that bad. Patients who had the sedative were coming out looking quite relaxed and happy. Don't worry about it, you can see your lungs on the screen, although I chose not to ! Hope all goes well.

    Lib x

  • I am ever so sorry, but I don't have the information you're seeking. Please call the BLF helpline when it opens tomorrow, they will be able to give you the advice on the test, and probably put your mind at rest too. The number is 03000 300 500.

    As exblonde said, there's bound to be someone who has undergone this before who will share their experience.

    All I can offer you is positive energy and hugs ((((((divaanne))))))

    Sandra x x x

  • I haven't been through this myself,but I wanted to give my moral support. Good advice from nowheeze too.

    Lynne xx

  • I'm currently under the Brompton and they are great there.

  • thank you to everyone for your support and kindness. I am very bIessed.

  • The Brompton is extremely highly respected in chest meds! You are in great hands!



  • thanks so much, that is good to know Kevin

  • Sorry, forget to mention, you may want to look at your work contract about sick leave! If not, talk to your hr dept and your healthcare providers!! I think it may be time to check your priorities!! When i did this returning to work came low down my list!

    Best wishes


  • you are right Kevin i have a ton of things to consider. thank you

  • Hi Divaanne, Iv'e had a Bronch as the nurses call it. I found it a piece of cake and wouldn't mind at all if I had to have another. They also gave me a lung wash out at the time which made me cough a little but it really was nothing for you to worry about.

    You'll come out after the procedure and wonder what all the fuss was about. Believe me you'll be just fine.


  • I think the lung washout made me cough a little too. I'd rather have a bronchoscopy than a lung function!!

    Marie x

  • Your not wrong there Marie a full lung function test is a lot more tiring but in a mad kind of way I quite enjoy the challenge of trying to beat my last results.

    Good to here of somebody else who has had a wash out, I was begining to think I was the only one.

    Tony x

  • I can't help with any useful advice, so just add my support too. Take care and very best wishes. xx

  • divaanne -- I cant add anything to what has already been said, but to send my good thoughts and best wishes to you ---love anniseedxxx

  • Hi Divaanne, this is the first time I have contacted the site (bit shy but do enjoy all the blogs) but I was in exactly the same position as you, lungs too far gone for a biopsy and needed a bronchoscopy. I was really scared and every time it was mentioned said " don't forget, I'm the double sedation lady". I don't know what they gave me but I was completely out, had a lavage (wash out) and biopsies and everything was fine. Mine was at Papworth but I've only heard good reports of the Brompton, another "centre of excellence" I understand.

    I'm sure you'll be fine, but good luck.

  • thanks so much for your message. i too am shy it was so good of you to respond everyone has been so kind and caring and i am sure everything wiII be fine . i have to try and conquer the fear i have of hospitaIs and procedures.

    I send you aII my best wishes and hope that today is a better day for you aII. you have given me what the doctor didn't and that is inspiration and above aII hope. Thank you so much. anne x

  • Hi

    I've had a bronchoscopy - I was concerned but you are very closely monitored and your thoroughly is numbed. You certainly can still breathe, it can make you cough a little - they are after sort of tickling your lungs. But please be assured that its painless and really not as bad as you think. The Brompton is an excellent hospital too - it specialises in lung things I think. I know a lot of sarc patients are referred there.

    Good luck

    Marie x

  • I can't comment on the procedure but my consultant refers to the consultant at the Brompton if he needs advice, as it is used as our centre for excellence.

    Hope all goes well

    Tina x

  • thanks Tina i am Iucky enough to be seeing Dr PaIav Shah who I have been advised is very good so i am counting my bIessings and hoping to stay as weII as i can for as Iong as i can.

  • I know the Brompton very very well,a lovely hospital.only a small car park so be prepared to park where you can,and it's not cheap.its just off the kings road so it's busy.but it's a fantastic hospital.lovely staff,very helpful.i hope it goes ok for you.good luck

  • Hi there!

    I had a bronchoscopy and lavage at the Brompton and would not hesitate to have another! Before it I was very anxious and told them so so make sure you do too. You will probably have to report to Lind Ward initially and the room where they carry out the procedure is just next to it. The staff are absolutely brilliant. You will probably be given Madazolam which is a sedative and believe me all you will remember is the start of the procedure and the end. It's absolute magic! I spent about an hour in a recovery room having a lovely doze and then travelled the 350 miles back home on the train. Do try not to worry but if you want to pm me please do. :-)

  • you have aII made me feeI so much better about my visit to the Brompton. i wiII indeed voice my fears about the procedure. I hope i have the same experience that you had mapaI It sounds Iike the way to go. I hope that you are having a good day today. BEST WISHES ANNE

  • Glad you feel a little less anxious. Fear of the unknown is always the worst thing. I have had a very pleasant day today thanks just pottering about in the garden enjoying the sun - do you remember that? ;-p I hope you too have had a good day. Do let us know how you get on at Brompton. Take care. Syl :-)

  • I had a bronchoscopy two years ago and a lung wash under sedation. I had no problems at all. Try not to worry.

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