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re benefits'

Hi I have a question.. I don't claim any benefits for my condition, as I don't think I would be able to go through all the stress it involves, I have read some scary stories while on this site, about people being refused & having to go to court to get said benefit, I guess I think as I'm 50 I can cope with out the benefit and I know I don't want the stress. My Gp did mention to me today that I should make a claim but I do not have a clue as to what or if I really want to put myself through this mine field of red tape and benefits, then to find out its a no from them.. as benefits are all changing to, can any one give advice as to what to do.

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You might want to speak to an expert in benefits and I certainly don't mean the DWP. You can talk to someone at BLF, Welfare Rights, CAB or DIAL and speak in much more detail than you could or would want to on a general site. They will be able to give you guidance through the form filling. That will take away some of the inevitable stress and negativity.

what have you to lose!!!!!!

Good luck hun with whatever you decide.

Love cx


Hiya Sissypants

I used my local council's Welfare Rights department. They were very good and even sent someone round to do the form with me (I'm a bit of a thicky). I got turned down the first time but they promptly put in for it again. As Cofdrop says, they took all of the worry out of it for me.

Bobby xx


You can always use age uk as well, they were brilliant,,tried cab but they where fully booked up,,,


don't think you are not entitled to benefits I have copd&pulmonary which is severe.i applied for dla iwas awarded mobilitypart for help with getting around award was indefinite.i did not get care part.i didn't think I was entitled either but doctor must have given a good report. there is no harm in tryingyou will also be entitled to esa as your health will not get any better.will only get worse


teaky 19 what is esa?


employment and support allowance it replaces incapacity benifit


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