Feel like a fraud

Spoke to my go today about a few things regarding my blood results I also asked her to explain my spirometry test that I had the other week I was shocked and happy with her replied she said it dosent look Look like I have got copd :) but because of the changes that can be seen when I had an xray a couple of months ago she wants to keep An eye on me because there was definitely changes on my last xray now the,question is do I still have the right to be a member of thus forum :( I don't want to leave it as I feel that I have made alot of good friends who have been,fantastic with there support and advice what do you people think your comments would be appricated :) xxx

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  • Well you get my vote Pamela :)

  • Course you can stay. You have a lung condition if some sort and that qualifies you.

    Lynne xx

  • Awww thankyou activity that means A lot :) xxx

  • Don't Stress Over It Your Opinion Still Counts And Valued .... Well A Long With Everyone Else's :)

  • As long as you have lungs you are welcome. :)

  • Sorry my silly phone I mean scrobbitty xxx

  • Thankyou Lynne :) xxxx

  • Good wishes for your health,and I for one look forward to reading your future posts.good luck


  • Gets my vote and you can't beat good news

  • I won't stress over it dazisnotsogood and thankyou that means alot :) xx

  • Haha I defiantly got lungs puffthemagicdragon :) xx

  • Awww thankyou jambo that's a lovely comment :) xxx

  • Thankyou homebreeze lovely comment xx

  • No signs on the door here saying 'keep out unless you're suffering' ;)

    It's on the Internet, open to all. You've had an insight into the possibilities and don't have to leave if you later find you don't actually have COPD - but you've still got lungs haven't you ? Good, it's the British Lung Foundation so you qualify ! :D

  • And it's then your job Pamela, to cheer us up when we're being miserable - so definitely you can stay LOL :)

  • Stay as long as you wish Pam. x :)

  • Of course you can stay Pamela everyones blogs are important COPD or not it does not matter.

    polly xx

  • Thankyou gordon57 :) xx

  • I'll do My best scrobbitty to cheer you all up when your,feeling down,:)

  • Thankyou blakeyc that means alot xx

  • Thankyou polly :) xxx

  • Pamela you are a valued member and we will not allow you to leave - no - not no way. Pleased for you hun but you cannot go awol - it's against the rules.

    Love cx

  • No don't go! ! I don't have Copd either just care for my husband. I love this forum lots of good people with great advise and humour! So glad for your good news x x

  • I'm so pleased for you,and I hope you stay and keep us posted as to how you are doing! :) x

  • Well done and congratulations for not having copd. Of course you stay for as long as you want.

    Tina :)

  • Of course you stay Pamela.

    After reading all the above messages, I think that you have no choice! You have to stay!!!

    Love and hugs



  • Ok Pamela. I've moved over so there is plenty of room next to me now. No need for you to go, stay aboard for the ride. Any probs just tell them you are my carer. lol

    Love from Bobby xxx

  • Awww thankyou coldrop that means alot :) lovely comment xxx

  • I love,this forum to tadaw the people on this forum have been really supportive :) thankyou for your comment xx

  • Hi hufferpuffer I would love to stay thankyou :) xx

  • Thankyou alwayssmiling :) xxx

  • Thankyou annex I can't believe how many people have,replied it's over whelmed me :) xx

  • Awww thankyou bobby I would love to stay aboard for the ride and as for being your career I can't even look after myself ;( but if I could be I would be your career lol thankyou you all have made my day with all your lovely comments :) scuds

  • Ps bobby don't understand what happened at the end of my comment scuds don't even no what the word means think it's my silly phone playing up again xx

  • Yes stay as there will be .more coffe any one

  • Well we have all voted,& you're definetely here to stay!!

    What wonderful news you had,you would be over the moon,congrats.

    Hugs & love Wendells xxx

  • great news. lovely folk most welcome to stay here :)

  • Thabkyou decided 2 sweetness in mine please :) xx

  • Sorry don't no what happened with my comment I will start again :) thankyou david12 I'll have mine milk and 2 sweetners please :) xxx

  • Hi wendalls thankyou I am over the moon And so is my family and still no ciggys.:) xx

  • Awww thankyou Juliekay xx

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