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Migraine cause?

It's almost midnight and I have just 'come around' from having the mother of all migraines.

Of course, the first thing I do is go on this forum to see what has been happening!!!!!!

Today's migraine is the first one I have had for a few years. I did, years ago, have them fairly often. My trigger seemed to be very bright colours. I was on prescription drugs which helped a great deal but they left me feeling 'washed out' (washed out but sooooo happy that the pain and sickness had gone).

I've been using an Airomir inhaler (two puffs, four times a day) for a a couple of years and was recently given an additional inhaler - QVar (two puffs in the morning and two puffs in the evening).

Is it possible that my new inhaler has caused me to have a migrain? I'm hoping that it is not the cause becasue the Qvar has made me breathe more easily.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.



PS I haven't seen any bright colours lately.

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Is Hard One ... Could Be Anything From Infection Or Coughing To Much Or Low Oxygen Levels

I Know When I Get Headache Its Cold Trying It On .... Or Its Coz Have Coughed To Much And Pulled Blood Vessels In Brain Or Head Or Kids Have Been Round

Why As He Put You On Other Inhaler


Hi Daz

I was taking the Airomir inhaler and I'm sure it helped but I was becoming so breathless that I couldn't walk from the sitting room to the kitchen (sitting room to hall, hall to dining room, dining room to kitchen) without stopping.

The additional inhaler, Qvar, is a 'preventer'. Taking the two together have made my breathing much easier. I wish I had been prescribed the Qvar two years ago.

Thanks for your message Daz.

Love and hugs




PS - I just had a look at your profile and I wonder if you have been to see a Solicitor about the causes of your lung condition? It seems to me that your lung condition is due to your working conditions.


Solicitors Are Not Interested Until I Have Full Diagnoses Mainly Saying I Have Asbestosis Or Cancer Or Melanoma ....

Is Complex My Lung Doc Is Not Aware Of My Working History And Thinks It Lung Infections ....

Tried Telling Him B4 Results Of My Scan But Just Keeps Going On About Everywhere As Asbestos .... Like A Don't Know That

Having To Use Courts To Get Hold Of My Medical Records ..... As There Is Some Serious Holding Out Going On

Dead Line For T?aking Action .... As Passed And Still Cant Get Letter Confirming What Was Discussed When My Doc And Me Reviewed My CT Scan Results ....

Even Tho My Lung Doc Promised Me One And Said It Was In Post ...


You would have to have a definite diagnosis before taking legal action. You can claim compensation only after your diagnosis. Once you have the diagnosis then you will have a certain amount of time in which to claim.

Annec xxx


Very True My Hospital Diagnosed Me With Chronic Lung Disease And Asked About Asbestosis ... Last Summer

But I Left Hospital B4 Being Referred To Lung Department ... Should Of Stayed But Hospitals Was Not My Thing Back Then

But My GP Refused To Refer Me To Lung Doc Despite Hospital Diagnoses And Severity Of My Condition

And Said He Could Not See Anything On My Xray ... Like Really


Said I Was Suffering From Stress .... Really Amazing And Referred Me To A Neurologist It Was The Neurologist Who Referd Me To Lung Doc As Even Lung Doc B4 Scan Thought It Was Stress Well Unill He Seen My Scan Results


On Same Inhaler As Me .... Is Defo A Good One Really As Helped Me A Lot :)

As Helped Me Fight Infections .... Looks Like Your Docs On The Ball :)


Good Morning Pepsi and Daz.

Hard to say with the headaches could be caused by many things, dehydration, allergy, meds, stress, I used to get migraines years ago, but thankfully no longer, they are not nice. I am on Qvar have been for years, I haven't had headaches or migraine from it. It seems to suit me well. Just be gentle with yourself today and stay out of the sun I think Pepsi.

Daz I hope you can get some compensation for what you are going through, so glad the med has helped your infections. Have to say I have been stable for a long time on Qvar just the occasional infection. It works well as an anti inflammatory I think and for my lungs that works the best.

Sending you both feeling better vibes :)

BC x x

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Thanks for your kind message BC.

It's good to know that someone else who suffered from migraines uses Qvar without any adverse effects.

I'm feeling a touch fragile this morning but so reiieved that I'm pain free (that sounds a bit dramatic).

I cannot think of anything that was a trigger for this headache but I'm hoping that it was 'one-off'.

Love and hugs




Totally Agree About Qvar And Infections .... As Far As Other Trying To Rip Me Off HASE Is Just As Bad Being Woolie And Evasive When It Comes To Councils

But Not Like That With Private Firms ..... Al There Then


in this weather you need to keep well hydrated as migraine can be triggered by this or any thing that upsets your system its hard to pin down what causes them have you looked at the migraine trusts website ? you will find a lot of help and information there.


Hello Goldcrest

When I suffered lots of migraines I joined the Migraine Trust but have to admit that I didn't read the news letters properly.

I do know that the main trigger for my headaches was very bright colours and sunlight through glass which was not pure (that sounds a bit strange but I worked in a very old building and some of the planes of glass in the windows were 'warped').

BlakeyC mentioned foods and I think maybe the one I had yesterday was probably down to too many mushrooms.

Thank you for your message



PS - I have only ever seen one goldcrest in my life and it was flitting about in the Scots Pine at the bottom of my garden. Soooooo tiny and so beautiful.


please share what medication you were given for your migraine, I have horrible ones ad cluster headaches from morning til night for days. I would love some relief PLEASE or anyone else out there Im begging for help. My poor scalp is sore to touch from so much pain, my temples, forehead even my brows hurt. HELP ME PLEASE


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