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can anyone advise

i know this may sound daft and i should phone BLF on some concerns but find that i get sometimes just has good info on this site and BLF must get busy .......when some people with COPD say that they had a bad day and could not breath, do they mean that there breathing stops and they cant breath at all or they find it hard to breath i have read you must not panic and do breathing exercise but god knows what im going to be like when this happens has worrying now about it

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Hello Music, I care for my husband who has severe COPD. When I blog that he has had or is having a bad day and he cant breath - I mean he is very SOB (short of breath) not that he actually stops. At those times and usually during an infection he can have panic attacks and these come from being extremely short of breath. For goodness sake don't worry! It may never happen to you! Look after yourself, eat well, take your medications and keep fit - the best ways to fight COPD. Hope this helps. Take care. TAD xx


Good advice from TAD!

Can't see the point of worrying! If you stay fit, avoid exacerbations you may never get that bad! Learn to manage your problems! Know what to do to help yourself. I suggest you get a plan. Agree it with your healthcare provider. Recognise when you problems are going out of control and take action early! Sometimes recognising when you have to call 999 is a plan!

Let's hope you never have too!!

Lots of folk live excellent lives with COPD. I suggest you do what you can, when you can and stop worrying.




your right thats what my wife says... thanks kev


tadaw..thanks very much for advise i feel much better now reading this i have always worryied about things try not to but cant help that.

i think your husbands very lucky that your there to care.

take care



Below are some strategies to help with worry and breathing (you will need to cut and paste them)

If you would like a hard copy sending please ask.




many thanks helon


sorry helen


No problem... I like the alternative spelling.

Take care



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