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Blue air, red and throbbing

I left my oxygen tank in my car so I went to check there was enough left in it to take me shopping. Well no for me to take it shopping, although I don't know it may be the other way round! The wind caught the door and I didn't get my hand out of the way in time and it caught my finger, the sky wasn't blue but the air was! I didn't know where to put it but decided the cold tap was the best place. Now I have a black line starting up my nail, how fashionable is that. :-D I am typing with my finger stuck in the air, how posh is that. Keep smiling.

Carole x

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Oh, feel that for you. I hope you recover quickly Carole. x


Bloody painful! Have a good weekend! TAD xx


Ouchy ouch ouch! I bet you said '*¥#%+$€@****##^'

Lynne xx


No bad language please.Did Carole really say that? I mean,well really and from such a lovely lady.



Hiya Carole

Haven't you heard the saying "get your finger out". I hope it feels better soon for you.

Love from Bobby xxxx


Your turn today to be ditzy :D


Hope you don't loose the nail Carole, being an X motor mechanic I know just how that feels as crushing, hitting, pinching your fingers was part of the job no matter how carfull you went.

The pain is far worse than any of my lung problems have caused me so you have my simpathy's

Never mind if it does fall off you'll grow another eh'. :)


Yowser - hurts like hell doesn't it? I trapped my finger in the front door and it took 5 months for the black bit to fully grow out - worse than watching paint dry :) Sympathies xx


Ouch, that hurts.

Hope that heals quickly Carole, check in with the doc if the black starts spreading down your finger.

If you have some arnica cream in the cupboard smear some of that on for the bruising, sooner the better. Apply 3 x daily I would.

Take care.



I did that once Carole, lost my nail in the end. it will throb tonight, try holding it in a glass of cold water.

Lib x


Sorry to hear about your OUCH finger. Hope it gets better. Why don't you varnish your nails and they will be the same colour. Have a great weekend my friend

Hope that you dont bang your finger too much.




I feel for you!!

Hope the rest of your weekend holds less dramatic events




Ouch! I managed to do the same with the car door,

I think it is the oddest and excruciating pain. It sees to travel

slowly up the arm before reaching the brain signals the scream and

the throbbing starts.

Same when you bang your big toe . . the slow feeling of the pain

travelling up you body.

And to top if off loosing your nail as it slowly grows off.

xxx Ros xxx

AND ahh that is the reason why you are missing at Scrabble. lol.

MILK it Carole with your hubby. lol


No Friday night is Bingo night Lol and no I didn't win :-(


Oh dear, but its all for the fun of it Carole.

Is it still throbbing?

Awe, I will pop by with your fav Jelly Babies, just

bite the head off the orange one. lol

xx R xx


There's a good tip for relieving the pain, a surgeon friend told us years ago and it really worked, only thing is I think it has to be done fairly soon after it has happened. You heat up the end of a paper clip in the flame of a candle/ match, whatever's handy, then hold it on the blackened part of the nail. It relieves the pressure and pain immediately, but don't know how successful it will be after several hours, sorry as I only just saw this, but a useful tip for future incidents, good luck, hope it helps someone, someday... Janice x


Try arnica tablets and wrap it in witch hazel soaked bandage, lint or cotton wool - or just keep it dunked in witch hazel!

Ouch ...



Ow! Painful or what! Flipping wind is a curse and it is very blowy today on the south coast. Hope it will die down soon. xxxx


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