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Hi I am a retired fitness instructor 30 years experience, early retired due to developing severe COPD rather quickly and mercilessly , in my area there are no classes groups etc that help people with respitory problems, I feel I could utilise some of my time in helping others can anyone advise me how I would go about setting up a group, grants etc to help set it up, I live in an area where there are a lot of respitory problems due to being an old mining village and of course other lung related issues, I would like to help others as it is a very frightening and lonely disease as many of us know x

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You could enquire with the BLF as they can help with the set-up providing you go under their 'banner' as it were. The rules may or may not be prohibitive to you so you could just simply start a group yourself. You would need a space where several people could fit comfortably and one which had easy access. If you put your idea to your local respiratory nurse/team I am sure they would be more than happy to give you some pointers. If you pm me, I can give you fuller details of the local group in our area which I co-founded.

Starting a Breathe Easy group is a little different to just an exercise group chat with BLF breathe easy reps for your region, check out link here also:

If you want only to focus on the fitness side check out BLF Active from this search link:

If you are already qualified there is nothing to stop you hiring a community hall and just charging a minimal fee to cover the cost of the hall hire, insurance etc.

Good luck, hope it all works out for you. Fitness is so important for us all.

Thanks so much you have been very helpful xx

Excellent idea and deserves support.

Health and well being boards are now being set up in england. You may wish to contact your local one, via council, and discuss with a view to commisioning your service.

Where are you located?



Mexborough South Yorkshre Kevin, thanks for replying x

Hi you would probably have to get a CRB clearance to work with people, particularly vulnerable ones. (CRB = Criminal Records Bureau)

- good luck with your venture.

Kind regards, P from the South!

Yes you are right thanks x regards from the north the pits lol x

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