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Thank you all from Dall05

I would just like to thank you all for your comments this morning when I was on the Transplant roller coaster ride. Hopefully there won't be too many mornings like today but if there is then so be it.

Once it was decided that the lungs were not suitable for me then things quickly returned to normal.

Apart from my breathing verging on a hyperventilation attack for 10 minutes or so I got myself together and took my son and daughter to work, both had phoned in to say they wouldn't be in and then had to phone to say they would. My wife also went through the same process. The trouble I caused eh', I think maybe I'm just becoming an attention seeker :)

Once again thanks all for your support and wonderful kind thoughts.

I guess this means the cycle ride to Upton is back on when the sun shines again, Whoopee!!, yes I am looking foward to the challenge and a pint by the river.


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Better kuck next time Tony.Hopefully it won't be to long.


Thanks King, I was forewarned by the transplant co-ordinator that this sort of thing happens to most people on the list. At least I didn't have to make my way to the hospital so I'll be grateful for small mercies.

Hopefully they found a recipient for the lung and thier doing well so the donors wishes to help someone was successful.


Hi Tony

Just read your blog, good luck with the transplant when it happens.

Not that my lungs would be any good to anyone, but i do carry a card for all other parts of my body.

Wish lots more people would carry cards.

Take care.

Hi, last time I renewed my car tax online the option came up to register to be a donor. This I did so now I don't have to remember to take out my donor card every time I leave home just ID. One less thing to remember.

I signed up on line too and was surprised how easy it was. I'm in favor of the option to opt out myself as the reason most people havn't signed up is they havn't got round to it and not because they disagree with it.

It seems as though you also have to make sure your family are aware of what you want as they can overule your decision if the time comes.

Well done peeg, its a great thing you have done.


Hi slade, I have signed up as a donor too for any bits that are useful. They have checked the rest of me when doing the lung transplant assessment and I'm in good shape apart from the lungs

Never mind Tony, get that bacon on! I'm sorry it was a false alarm,one day at a time and hope all goes smoothly next time,that pint by the river sounds good! :) x

The bacon was good when I eventually had it but the pint by the river will be better when the time is right. It will be soon, that I am sure of so come on sunshine where are you. :)

Tony x

Sorry to hear that Tony. We can always do two rides one before and one after?

Take it easy now eh xx Peeg

Thanks peeg, hopefully on the one after transplant I'll be able to ride back from upton like I used to and not worry about getting up the hills.


:D - you'll be waiting for the rest of us to catch up!

Hi Tony

As you say it must have been a real rollercoaster ride for you. You are a gutsy guy Tony and I am sure it will all come together for you in the end. In the meantime I add my best wishes to all those that the other members have sent you.


Thanks P1, I'm not one for sitting around and feeling sorry for myself so when I feel good I like to push the limits a little. I do listen to my body and try to do things when the time is right.

Of course sometimes I get it wrong and end up overdoing it but generally I now when I'm ready for a challenge.


Bad luck Tony, let's hope it's third time lucky after your previous disappointments. Mind you, judging from your cycling heroics I thought you'd already got the new lungs. Still time before the new footy season so wishing you the very best of luck and hope you can cheer Hereford back into the Football League.

Hi Warwickstag, I seem to be getting the most out of my weak lungs at the moment and I am surprising myself with what can be done. As long as I'm fit for the next season at Edgar Street then I'll be happy and I'll have my eye on Mansfield to so good luck to you also.

Thanks WS


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