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My secret to a long happy marriage which you all might like to share!

................................ MY Secrets to a long and happy marriage

............Remember the weather last week,it was summer.it was beautiful.

..Imagine the scene,sunshining,clear blue skies,my wife and I sitting on the sunloungers on the sunbaked terrace,She with a nice glass of chilled chardonnay wine in her hand.

The old romantic that she is,turned to me and said ''I love you so much darling,I don't know however I could live without you''

I replied lovingly ''Is that you,or the wine talking?''

She looked me in the eyes and sweetly said ''It's me.......talking to the wine.

Ah well!


Thank you all for replying to my blog 'Were yoiu born in the 1930's1940's, 50's,60's,70's.early 80's.Some fantastic replies.

If you missed it please feel free to go take a peek and your own memories



Come away with memories from your local Breathe Easy group.

Oh dear ,not a member why not join now,Phone 03000 030 555 for details Mon -Fri 10am 6pm.Or take a peek at the British Lung Foundation website

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Theres Me Thinking It Would Be One Liner .... Like Don't Do It :O

Great Post ... Hope You Not Going Soft :)

All The Best :)


Ha Ha, I know that feeling, as I would never dare to come between my wife and her glass of wine. I know my place in our house, Its the kids, followed by the cats, then the wine then me hopefully!

Knowing your place is key to a long and happy marriage eh' King.


Dall05 - I hate to be the one to tell you but there is something wrong with your wife. What kind of person puts kids and cats before wine? :o


LOL! Oh your wife is lucky! I haven't talked to the wine for quite a while!! lol!!! :D X


lol very good as usual - thank you xx


oh and sorry re my comment re taking the medicine - I take it back - you can take it ... ha ha x


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