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I have just spent a five day holiday in Worthing, to spite the bonus of gorgeous sunshine, the area is ideal for those who are less mobile due to what ever illness. Most things are on the level and readily accessible and the same applies to Littlehampton near by. We found the locals very helpful and pleasant. For those who like parks, bowling, walking/strolls or just a sit in the pub or cafe it meets all needs as well as easy access shopping.We can reccommend the cafe in the park near the bowling club in Littlehampton as they make their own cakes with plenty of tea at a reasonable price and the train along the prom will take you there and back without the strain of walking.There is a good alround bus service to most of the popular areas but not all carparks catered for blue badge holders we were informed.

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  • Hello Katie, I'm so pleased you had a nice holiday,it sounds like a great place to visit,I'm going to have to put it on my wish list, I love little trains! huff xxxxxxx :)

  • Sounds like a good time! I ave never tried it myself, but I have been old that Warners do really good holidays in the UK which cater for all levels of disability.

    Lynne xx

  • The added attraction of Warners is NO KIDS! I have been to about six of their places and they are very good.

    Love from Bobby xxx

  • No kids Bobby,and yet they let you stay there!


  • Ah but I can pretend to be a grown up when I want too. lol


  • Don't be so daft !

  • What a lovely blog Katie, really useful to have some inside information on a place. Judging by your comments, you appear to have had a great time with much need relaxation and fresh air. :)

  • Thanks for that Katie. I hadn't thought of Worthing I must admit but level ground means I will now have a look at it.

    Bobby xxx

  • So happy for you,that you had a grand time.Great info too,for those that live in the Uk!!

    Love Wendells xx

  • Oh katie.I have put it in my book of dreams


  • I used to live near there. Littlehampton is a lovely holiday place. Not too big and sprawling.

  • Thanks for all the replies, glad the info was of use. Warners is where we go in the winter months. Our reason is its easier if you are less mobile, plenty of entertainment all day a good all round package and no children as you say. Potters near Gt Yarmouth is also a good one but is mainly for bowlers and is full board.Only one prob with warners some of them have a long walk to the dining room, but overall everything outweighs that little thing.Maybe Warners should consider some scooters for indoor use by less able to race down the corridorsSmiles!!!!!

  • It's pretty good anywhere between Chichester and Brighton as I live in Worthing myself.

  • Do you want to swap places(only joking) I am sure you love where you live sorry we did not get to meet. Ive been to most of that area, but have to admit I'm not keen on Brighton too busy and a little steep for me although the Prom is flat.

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