This may help someone who has indigestion (possibly as a side effect of inhaler)

I've previously either blogged or asked a question about indigestion as a side effect of Ventolin and Spiriva, both meds have indigestion listed as a side effect on their patient information leaflet.

After a rather unhelpful meeting with one of the doctors at my surgery who said the discomfort I was experiencing was nothing to do with the inhaler, insisted it was indigestion and prescribed Omeprazole (despite me telling her I'd never suffered from it in my life before and it only came on after starting on Ventolin), I discovered from the patient information leaflet that Omeprazole should not be taken if there's a history of osteoporosis so that really included me.

I tried to find a natural remedy but ginger nor peppermint afforded any relief. I discovered that prebiotics can help with indigestion so sent for some, started taking it and within 3 or 4 days I was pleasantly surprised to find that the indigestion had improved considerably.

I managed to get an appointment with my own GP who is very helpful, listens and is willing to discuss things. Just to be sure I left off the prebiotics for a week before my appointment and within a day or two the indigestion had started again. I told my GP of my meeting with the other doctor and she agreed I should not be taking Omeprazole and that the discomfort I'd had was definitely a side effect of the inhalers. She was very interested that the prebiotics were having such a positive effect and is happy for me to continue using them. I'm back on them now and happy to say that again the indigestion has all but disappeared.

I know we're all different and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for someone else, but I just thought I'd pass this on for anyone else who suffers indigestion.

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  • Well done Dr.Susie. I have everything crossed as I say this, but this is something I've ever suffered from thankfully Very useful to know for the future though. Libby

  • I'm very much into self help and finding something natural to help rather than taking Medicine B because Medicine A causes side effects, then Medicine C because Medicine B has side effects. I saw a lot of that with my late husband and don't want to get on that particular merry go round if I can help it.

    My GP did comment when I went through all the different things that I'd experienced, change of inhaler, etc., that lots of people would have given up. Maybe some doctors find it strange that there are some people who'd rather not have a prescription for something that can possibly be treated another way.

    It was so nice to actually have someone listen to me and comment. I came away feeling quite good after that appointment rather than frustrated as with the other doctor :) .

    I shall keep my fingers crossed for you too Libby, I did find the indigestion quite uncomfortable and wouldn't wish it on anyone else.

  • I too developed severe acid indigestion as a result of my inhaler (spiriva). I was given lansoprozole and nobody mentioned osteoporosis. I have severe osteoporosis so have just looked this up and will stop taking lansoprozole immediately. Thank God for forums of this type. Many thanks.

  • Oh goodness Toci! I'm glad I posted this now.

    I have to say I do always read the patient information leaflets and that is how I found out. I know doctors can't know all the side effects of every drug out there. The leaflet for Omeprazole also mentions about taking a proton pump inhibitor, especially over a period of more than one year, may slightly increase your risk of fracture in the hip, wrist or spine. Not sure how long you've been taking your Lansoprozole but hopefully no lasting damage and that your GP will come up with an alternative, or if you try prebiotics that they work for you too.

  • I'm going to put the prebiotics top of my shopping list! Thanks very much Susie! :) glad you found something natural to solve it, I hate taking meds and we need to look after our bones! :)

  • Just to say, they weren't that easy to source. Couldn't find them on Holland & Barrett's site, or any other similar site. You'll probably have to google and order them online.

  • Healthspan is the best place to order Bob

    never give up

  • Thanks for blogging that SeasideSusie, useful information.

    Lib x

  • Very useful, and interesting. I do not suffer indigestion from my ventolin, but I googled probiotics and it says you can find it in, asparagus, garlic, leek, onion, artichoke. I actually eat a lot of these, so perhaps that is why I have been lucky not to suffer.

    Also wondered if they might help indigestion sufferers who don't have puffers, so I told my mum to try them, as she suffers a lot.

    :) Anna

  • Hi Anna. It's not probiotics that help, it's prebiotics. And yes, I think they probably would help whatever causes the indigestion :) .

  • oops that was a typing error, it was prebiotics that i googled x If I can make my mum try them I will let you know how she got on. :)

  • Ahh, OK Anna, just didn't want you getting the wrong thing and thinking it no good :) . I'd be interested to know how your Mom gets on. If you have trouble finding any let me know and I can tell you which ones I have, although I have to say they were expensive and I will be buying a cheaper alternative when I've finished these.

  • if you have found a cheaper alternative. I would be grateful for the name and where you got them from. My mum suffers most of the time and rarely gets any relief from it so, it would be worth her trying. thanks xx

  • Hi Anna, I have sent you a message :) .

  • I was prescibed omeprazole for my indigestion too as well as alendronic acid, calcium tablets, inhalers and steroids.

    I bought some Acidophilus caspsules last week but I think they are making me feel sick...don't know if it a coincidence

    I find plain yogurt taken at least twice a day quite effective

  • It's a strange thing, I have been taking probiotic yoghurt for ages, I found one from Yeo Valley and the indigestion problem and the bloating disappeared.

    This week the local shop had run out so we purchased a different make, the bloating was back in 48 hours.

    Something to be said for sticking to the one you know works. A GP told me ages ago take two a day while you are on antibiotics, in my case I just make room for the tanker to park outside.

  • I've been having Yeo Valley natural probiotic yogurt for years but it obviously didn't help when the indigestion started. It seems to be the prebiotics that are working well for me :) .

  • I often have indigestion just after I get to bed and use my inhalers. I find hot water helps and after having to get up a few nights I started leaving a flask beside my bed. I then realised my mother always had a flask of hot water beside her bed and I never realised why but she was also asthmatic.

  • Thanks Susie i`m going to order some now cos my stomach is always bad Bob

    never give up..

  • Hope it helps Bobshir. Make sure it's prebiotics not probiotics, easy to mix them up :) . Perhaps you could blog about how you get on and which ones you've tried, I will have to change to a cheaper one when my current supply runs out.

  • Hi Susie i have just ordered them from Healthspan uk £11 45. 90 capsules.

    5 billion friendly bacteria ..i have probiotics at the moment and they do nothing for me..they are 20 billion friendly bacteria . so i hope the prebiotics help me thanks for all your info..Bob

    never give up..

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