Wonder when the new tabs are coming to divide topic areas

Seem to be getting overloaded with non related topics again.

Will be good when we can have all these in one place on a separate tab.

Some may think they have landed at nondescriptus Saurus instead of lung supportasaurus.

Seriously I am looking forward to this upgrade.

The choice to be here is because its a lung support site.

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Think that'll be a good idea. Mainly because the days I'm working I don't look in so often and I seem to be missing a lot of posts, humorous or otherwise. At least if sections were separate I could decide what to browse first.

Good idea, then those of us who are time poor can just dip in where we can give and receive support

Yes, it will be good if it happens. I don't mind some humour at all, but there is rather a lot of it at times.

Lynne xx

I respect your views & your right to have them, does this mean you,l be staying away from my blog later. As you know I mainly do jolly funny ones

And whilst i,m here may I take the opportunity to refer you to my blog I Am A Human Being,

The Witch

Thanks Witch

I've found some great Fun forums you may enjoy, they are 24/7 so you won't need to suffer any withdrawal ;)

Links below if interested. Worth checking out:




There are tonnes more but too many to post here.

Its great that we have so many options available to us.

Isn't it but unlike this one there is no one there who understands how my condition affects me, so as much as you would like me to leave, sorry this Witch is not for turning,

btw, this is a none related topic

Not intended you should leave Witch, just wanting to help you have lots of fun in dedicated fun places, and do you know what, a lot of those people are ill too, some may very well understand how your condition affects you, but you won't ever know that if you right that option off completely. For me going to a dedicated fun forum would be for the fun of it not to discuss my illness or how it affects me really.

But we are all different and I guess some people will go to fun forums for things other than fun, not quite sure I understand why they would though.

what is your illness and how does it affect you? share and you may get some feedback? written from hosp bed v poorly and surounded by death and illness. been here a wk and more to come. great fun. we.re not all the same and many get great pleasure from the fun and get questions/concerns answered too. suggest you call blf for start date of your bid for domination.

I didn't know you were in hospital Libby. I must have missed that somehow. Get well soon sweetheart.

Lots of love from Bobby xxxx

Dear libby7827, I am sorry you are in hospital and a pity that you have had to arrive onto this thread where there is no humour at all. It will be a good thing when we get the upgrade and you can then go straight to the humour and jokes by passing any other discussions. But it seems we will have to wait a bit longer for that.

I hope you are soon feeling much much better, hope all the doctors and nurses are taking good care of you.


PS You might not believe this but I do have a lung condition along with other health issues and I do not wish to bid for any domination. Hope that helps you breathe easier.

Sorry to hear you are in hospital libby and wondered why I had not seen you on here recently. Please get well very soon and ignore some of the comments on here if you can. You just concentrate on getting well again. Hear from you very soon. Take care. Lots of love xxxxx

Oh Libby darling I am so sorry you are poorly and in hospital. Really hoping you feel better soon.

Lots of hugs and kisses ((((((((libby))))))))

Bev xxxxxx

Would be great if Admin Unlocked or BLF could update on this.

This is non related topic. Just saying. :)

But it IS directly relating to BLF at healthunlocked lung support discussion group ;)

If you want to join a group which is almost all about how ill everyone is and how theycope and of course the latest information then may I suggest this group on FB which I also belong to but for company this is the one I choose to communicate on


thanks jan I'll take a look, but can't promise I will be going anywhere ;)

I don't see anyone discussing lung issues on this thread

Well spotted, Koala ;)

Not that I'm bothered, I like the variety of topics you find on this forum.

If we just stuck to discussing lung issues the whole time we'd either get totally depressed or graduate as lung consultants. The second being a little unlikely in most of our cases I guess.


Fully concur with your sentiments :) x x x

Am I missing something here? I've just answered a question from you Koala on ASD and humour and I didn't think that had anything to do with lung issues either, but it was an interesting question.

Yes, thanks for your input over there, your response was appreciated and I replied :-)

koala xxx

I receive emails from BLF as and when they are posted so often get a dozen at a time when I decide to check my emails. Half or more are non lung related. I would find this site rather quiet if it wasn't for the off topic stuff like days out, humour and whatever else people want to chat about. I like the diversity but that's just me. Although first and foremost this is a lung support site I think there is room for other topics. If I'm not particularly interested in a subject I only read what it's about but don't read everything. Here 's to the future. :)

Me too Puff. I tend to be selective.

Lynne xx

You know Puff, people keep mis representing or mis understanding things here.

My post title is:

" Wonder when the new tabs are coming to divide topic areas "

There is no suggestion or hint that the variety of content should be stopped.

Any other mis representations of what people think I want are misunderstandings.

I enjoy humour but I don't enjoy humour that is intended to belittle or laugh at another person, race or country, so in actual fact its not humour I have a problem with, its the content of the humour, some of which has been directed at me personally and some at other cultures of what I consider to be of a disrespecting nature, some extremely offensive.

I and others of course find great value in humour and other positive friendly sharing, but some of what has been going down here has not been all positive or friendly and definitely NOT supportive.

Any way getting back to the original title, I wonder when the new tabs are coming to divide topic areas. Not a lot wrong in ask about that is there?

I understand its difficult though because occasionally people like to keep bringing up the no humour thing, but no humour has never been any suggestion of mine. Others have suggested it is because of certain content I have objected to.

Wishing you lots of happy today and in the future.

Blakey, I think all this has been said before, possibly some of it by yourself - I lose the meaning when there is too much repitition and rambling.

But there are moments when I feel I cant join in the light hearted banter because I want to be quiet. Casual chatter doesn't always work for me - I tend to dry up and let the rest have fun and there is nothing wrong in that.

I have made some good friends on this site, and if I want a one to one, I PM.

As for yourself -- live and let live, for heaven's sake.

IMPORTANTLY, just why did you change your avator. Loved the old one.

PS -- Are you going somewhere?

to avoid repeating myself yet again, could you please re-read my comment to puff. I can't really make it much plainer without repeating myself again.

Not friendly!!

I think sometimes we need a bit of humour to get us through the day.

OK BlakeyC this is a lung site, start us off on a lung related topic. This is your moment.

Lib x


This really has gone on long enough.

If you don't like a post, don't comment on it - IGNORE IT!

I have feedback from numerous people over the last 3 years - 50:50 split - some like the humour and some don't. So guess what nothing is going to change. I cannot wait for the new community format to be introduced so that all the joke and chat threads can be clealy separated from everything else.

AND please stop provoking members who you disagree with - anyone who continues to do this over the weekend will have their account restricted on Monday.

I know some of you are fed up with all this bickering - well guess what? So am I.


I think we all agree humour is good for all, I think what the problem is that some of the humour is inappropriate, some offensive and sometimes its excessive.

Having the different tabs is going to solve a lot of the problem I am sure Mark.

So sorry you are upset by what has been going on for so long. 3 years is too long to be dealing with this kind of thing.

I feel sure once the new community format comes there will be a healthier balance of discussions.

Have a great weekend.

Mark, contents read and noted. Could we please have a progress report on the new format, please. I, for one, cant wait.

Point taken Mark


I've already restricted myself, I post about 90% less than I used to because I'm sick of the bickering and provocation. Several good people have left the site because of it and I'm only too happy to ignore those who are causing the hassle !

Here, here Mark. Thanks for being the voice of reason. Well said. xx

At long last some common sense. I was once a moderator for a cat (feline) related list and many times there were sharper claws on some of the members that on the cats. There was always a lot of unrelated threads including humour and jokes but the vast majority of members used their common sense and totally IGNORED a few members who were lonely sad soles who's sole aim was to stir things up. Regulars to this list (and other list) will know who these sad people are so please ignore them as you really do make their day great by replying. Leave them alone and they may go home. Good luck Mark.

Thank you Mark!

What a relief someone has an adult take on the nonsense that comes up on occasion. Also, I'm sorry you're faced with having to read this, I'm sure your time could be better spent than having to go through the inane bickering.

Be selective people for heavens sake. It's not difficult is it?

I cannot praise the BLF site & many of the people on it highly enough.

As a person with a fledgling lung disease I really need it, the future is at times frightening so to switch on & to find the above and below doesn't help at all.

And yes, I do have a sense of humour, a huge one but perhaps a different one.

I'd love to say what I really think but wouldn't dream of it for fear of being hounded out by insulting comments or bully boy tactics - or be thrown off BLF for the use of foul language.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the cloudless blue sky that I am. P x

I think there is only one person causing bickering The same person who has caused me a lot of personal pain and heart break today, yet will most likely get away with it again. I think he gets off on causing trouble.Think i will have to stay off the site over the weekend as i am too ill and to upset that one person can be as vile as he has on the site re autism. Just nasty. I will stick up for my brain damaged daughter as she cannot do it for herself against people like him I am glad to hear that the humour is 50 50 too, perhaps it may put an end to his personal crusade against it i am sick of it.I agree the best thing to do is totally ignore him. Julie

Julie if you are upset and someone in particular has caused you a lot of personal pain and heart break today, report the person. It is best to ignore and report. Both BLF and Unlocked have professional advisers concerning such matters. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Sarcasm will get you nowhere bc. Just shows how cruel you are

Sad to hear of your problems on site Julie. Try and have a good weekend. xxxx

Thank you sassy59. I will have a good weekend. Love Julie xxx x xx

I agree with Julie (Lovemelovemydogs) that one person is causing all the trouble and upset.

I am shocked and sort of upset actually by how he turned my question about humour and autism into an angry rant. If you want to read his angry posts, one after the other, please do:


I feel sad that his behaviour is tolerated on the forum bearing in mind how many people he is upsetting.


I think you should also ignore and report koala, just keeping on about it is not going to improve things for any body.


I would like to ask you to please stop replying to my posts and questions.

Thank you for not replying to me any more.


I think the dreadful way he has been treating you Koala is now harassment. He hi jacked another blog in the week about why do ill people turn to human when they are suffering, used it for his own anti humour campaign, its a shame as some one had given me a good answer to the question but i did not feel I could comment as yet again he was intimidating, he winds people up deliberatley then likes to portray himself as a victim.I think he is best ignored to use a subject as autism (and yes there is a conncection between lung disease and my daughters autism ) to spout on about anti humour is just nasty I will echo Koala do not reply to my posts or comments BC


I agree with you completely.


koala xxx

Ignore and report koala. This is getting silly now. SAD. xxxx


I do believe that is exactly what I am doing, having requested BlakeyC to agree that neither of us respond to each other at all any more.

I decided that was necessary following what happened on my thread asking for people's experiences:


As far as I am concerned after the behaviour on that thread, that particular visitor does not exist. I assume he might feel the same about me, in which case I can continue to enjoy the positive side of this forum.

This will be my final word on the matter so please, no more posts to me about it.

Thanks & regards


koala I am happy to do that, will you also be happy to stop replying to my posts and comments, blogs and questions please. I won't be replying to you any more you can be assured.

Lovemelovemydogs. I am sorry your daughter has autism and for any upset you have been caused. I am not on any anti humour campaign as I explained in my comment to puffthemagicdragon above. It was koala who started the thread 'Do ASD people not understand humour?' not I. I agree we should do the same as koala suggested about not replying to each others posts or comments.


I am relieved you have agreed that we will no longer reply to each others' posts.


I would also ask that you do not include my name in any more of your blogs or comments nor use any humour to belittle my name or attempt to provoke a reaction. This is bound to result in a much more friendly atmosphere for all as a supportive environment should be.

hi can i ask what illness u have blakey c/ thanks

Refer back to my previous answer sarcasm will get you nowhere, you know exactly what you did on Koalas post, which by the way was very interesting topic, which you cruelly used to your own advantage. However you will not use my daughter to further your vile campaign. Grow up and learn some compassion, no one made you God. I will delete any of your boring posts in future and not reply to you again. you are just very cruel

Please refrain from communicating to me or about me publicly, any grievances please report to Admin at BLF and healthunlocked.

For goodness sake the lot of you, can you not take Mark's advice and give it a rest .. It's getting tiresome and I'm sure it's giving all of us who use this forum a bad name. Just because someone GIVES offence (and quite honestly there's more than one of you) doesn't mean that the others have to TAKE offence, you can always decline the offer.

With the greatest respect carrieme, if it was your handicapped daughter he had offended you would feel very different. Thats the last I will ever say on this hurtful and nasty man Best wishes Julie

Well i,m going to put my two pence worth in,,,i love reading the blogs first,,,the funnier the better,,from those that spent last week cleaning out there drawers, to king of the KOTC,, i live on my own, and can guarantee that a blog will make me smile somewhere,,,,personally i don,t give to hoots whether they are going to change things,,,we blog on our good days and bad days,,questions are asked, and to the best of our ability we answer them,,,,so why change,,,,,

Enough now please. IGNORE AND REPORT. Please don't buy into all this my friends (oh yes you are my friends) as you are all so much better than that. Let's not lose anymore lovely people from this lovely site. Have a good, sunny weekend. Hope you have some nice things planned. Lots of love and hugs to all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)


This is all so sad. Of course people have different opinions but that doesnt mean anyone has to keep arguing, repeating and explaining theirs over and over and over and .... etc,

or to be hurtful, sarcastic or condescending to those who don't agree with them. If someone has a viewpoint, then state it once, maybe one more if clarification is needed, then LEAVE IT!! Go for a walk, watch tv, anything to get over the obsession.

People on this forum support each other so lovingly and by and large seem to deal with each other's differences in a humorous and mature way. Lung disease is hard enough to live with without all this tension and disruption. jean

THANK YOU. I second your comment completely. P

Nothing wrong with a bit of fun, brightens up the day. Now if we have a problem we need to discuss then everyone is there to help and advise. Can't see a problem with this site myself.

I don't think we have a problem on this site for the vast majority of us. The odd one that does have a problem please go away. I am sure there are other sites more relevant to your needs. I agree that we don't need any more hassle here. And any who are deliberately divisive and confrontational should be reported until they are restricted or banned.

Well said Bev xxxx

Well said hypercat

koala xxx


Please let us now leave this topic alone - many comments have been posted and opinions offered.

Anymore comments on this subject will be deleted.


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