The day we all forget

It's the first time ever,

that you shed a tear

you were turned on your head,

of that I'm quite sure

your bottom was smacked

quite severe i might add

your voice it broke forth

like a banshee gone mad

so screaming your head off

all swaddled and warm

your given to woman

who's now tired and torn

it's the mother who loves

and Sooo! Glad now you here

the one who'll give scorn

when your not her little dear

but its the day she'll remember

the one we forget

all the pain that pain that we causer,

To be her little pet

The day that we all, were Born


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  • Oh, Azaard, that is soooo sweet, and so right too :) x x x

  • Lovely :)

    My mother always said I was knitted with left over bits of wool

  • Oh, I am impressed .... but, did she never think to rip you out and knit you again?

  • Not a chance, it took her years to knit me in the first place; it took her 22 years to do a Winnie the Pooh for my brother and she started when she was preggers with him and she didn't finish it properly either. :)

  • .........erm, did you mean Pooh, or your brother........?

  • Both :)

  • ROFLOL :)

  • I enjoyed reading that, I was transported back to my four special days when I was that mother. :) Thank you H

    :) Anna

  • Try dry birthing ..... nothing special about that, I do assure you.... That's why I only ever had one :)

  • 21 years later, therapy still not working .....

  • Love that! I still remember the day my two were born. A little mental camera -- and two lovely mmories decades ago.

  • Azaard, warmly felt, lovely sentiment and good to see you posting.


  • Not only can you cook but you are a poet, someone should snap you up quick :D

    Love the poem, took me right back to my 4 :)

    Thanks azaard


  • Somebody you know already has ;)

  • Didn't like to mention it LOL


  • Why not ? I'm happy so's wheezy who cares but us chickens :D

  • Ssssh, I thought we were keeping this secret hun bun :) x x x

  • Choke!!! Next time i nearly lose me supper to the carpet, you'll ave a red bum like king, anyway who said owt about quiet :P

  • I've still got a red bottom!

  • Bummer !!! Hehe :P

  • I wasn't born - I was hatched! :)

    bev xx

  • LOL .... been waiting all night for someone to say that.... thanks Bev :)

    Sandra x x

  • Aww what a lovely litte dito.

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