100 yard walk!!

It was my friends funeral today. My daughter took me and my son borrowed my car to go to Coventry, well I almost joined Shelia (my friend).

My wheelchair was in my car and my son forgot to take it out so I had no choice but to walk from the chapel afterwards to the car park as my blue badge was with my chair and as usual at a crem the funerals were queuing to go in and the roads are on a one way system within the grounds and I decided as I was feeling quite good I would give walking ago. Bloody Hell I am fitter than I thought I was but not as fit as I really needed to be to walk about 100 yards (more or less) by the time we got back to car I was huffing and puffing so much that I couldn't even get my inhaler to my mouth BUT I had made it and I am afraid Shelia is going to have to wait a bit longer before I join her :)

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  • Thats the spirit Jan glad you fighting back :)

    xxx Love N Hugs (((((((((((((()))))))))))))))

  • Well done Jan. Betcha Sheila would be churckling at your antics :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Well done and rest now.

    Lynne xx

  • You have true grit Jan and a tremendous sense of fun too. A wonderful combination that your friend was lucky to have seen. x

  • Got to be the HealthUnlockders marathon next! Just imagine?

  • Even my imagination doesn't stretch that far :D

  • Well done jandan, we are a funny lot we just keep on going dont we? Bit like clockwork, thats how I feel some days, one foot in front of the other breathe, rest, off we go again xx

  • Just keep that sense of humour up! xx

  • Well done! You made me smile and I am glad that Sheila has to wait for you - you inspire me! TAD xx

  • :D well done for making it Jan. Sheila would have put the kettle on!

    A well deserved rest is in order now................. go on, get comfortable, feet up yet? xxxx

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