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Chocolates for all of you from Bruges

We agreed to go to Bruges with about 45 other people back in February. It seemed a good idea at the time. Yesterday was the day! Got up at 5.15 took my alendronic acid and we met the others just before 6am for the coach. Took my other medications plus sea sickness pills en route to Dover. On board we had breakfast in the restaurant then I nebulised in the first aid room.

When we got to Bruges Alan and I got the bus to the Markt so I only had to walk one way! Fantastic time moules frites, boat ride etc.

Luckily Bruges is on the flat so managed ok at my own pace.

Nebulised on the boat again and managed to find the lift up from the car deck this time!

Home at 12.15am!

Enjoy the chocolates I bought for you - don't be greedy!

Doxycycline must be working as could hardly manage anything last weekend!


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Glad you had a good time, never been to Bruges but been told how lovely it is. Thanks for the choc will have it with my coffee in a little while. xx


Saw the word 'chocolates' and bingo, here I am :) Just like Pavlov's Dog :)

Very impressed that got up at stupid o'clock, that you managed breakfast, and just thoroughly enjoyed yourselves. The fact that you took time out to buy us chocolates is just too overwhelming lol so shall nibble one with coffee and appreciate every calorie. Mmmmm so yummy x


Pleased you had such a good break in Bruges. A very pretty place and interesting. But it was crowded. Thanks for the chocolate - much appreciatd love Annieseed xx


That was nice for you and Alan, Judith. Makes me feel guilty about being such an idle-arse when I see people being so brave and getting out and about. The choccys by the way- I didn't get! That greedy monkey Scrobbity scoffed the lot!

Love from Bobby xx


Okay so I did nibble one of them with my superb, filter coffee from Sainsbugs (other brands available) and omitted to say that I just stuffed the rest, hamster-like in me gob BUT I did replace them with wine gums (less calories and they stick to your teeth so last longer). Fair exchange is no robbery ;) x


What a lovely time.

My second lot of ABs I am on is Doxycycline and they seem to work well. The only downside is alcohol a real no no.

Lynne xx


Thanks for the chocolates Judith, delicious. Glad you had a good time and coped OK.

Lib x


Glad you are all enjoying the chocolates! Having a quiet day today to recover!

Judith x


GRRRRRRRRR where's my choc's. The greedy so and so's have eaten my shareGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


They got there first you shouldn't have been so slow! You know how chocolates vanish!


It's OK, Judith. I know I didn't deserve any choccies. I understand why I didn't get any. I've learned my lesson. Honest. Alison :-)


Been to Bruges lovely place would love to go again, glad you enjoyed. Only downside I don't like chocolate! Keep smiling.

Carole x


Oh Carole (and with an 'e' too like me) how could you not like chocolate?! I love it but then that is why I put on so much weight. Everything in moderation as they say. Hope you are well. Carole xxxxxx


Bruges is a lovely place and Pete and I have been about 4 times I think. Glad you enjoyed yourselves and managed to stay well throughout. Loving the choccies thanks but won't eat too many as trying to be good! Take care. xxxx


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