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isnt it funny how all through our adult lives we collect, save,( becose we might need it one day) all these things we accumulate, my 50 something china dogs, my 30 piece glass collection that I have cherished for the last 20yrs and all our other bits and pieces , books ,must be about 200 of them in book cases all accumulated over the years

Then you wake up one morning and look at them with suspicion ,Dust Collectors, not good for lungs, to tired to dust anymore must de-clutter so we have, 3 lots in auction today. Exciting, I will resist in buying anything more ( perhaps)

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Have moved a few times in my life so have gone down the de-clutter route every time. So where does it all come from yet again. My daughter and I are doing a car boot (if the sun ever comes out) Bet you bring something home with you today !!!!!!

Don't forget the waders :D

I will try to resist, we are also waiting for sun to do boot fair, Iwe have 3 shed fulls to get rid of ,probably take us all summer. Lol

I read your blog, turned round and looked at the lounge. Gulped, laughed and turned back to the computer, working on the 'I can't see it therefore it doesn't exist' theory - works for me :)

Cluttering so easy to do over the years. I have tried hard to declutter, and sadly thrown some stuff that \i wish I hadn't but too late now. A ;lot of clutter contains treasures. Star items in the loft are a collection of newsapers going back to Queen Victoria. I retrieved them from my grandmother's house. I am now a grandmother myself. I have a vast collection of fridge magnets - last count must be in the 700s.

We had a huge declutter two years ago - mainly my stuff. Unfortunately a lot of it seems to have crept back - mainly HER stuff. Just wait till I hear the scrap man's bugle - SHE is going on the van!



My china dinner service, Sold for £ 160. Nicker. Yeah aaa I could get used to these auctions

When I moved to Nottingham we threw out a lot of items befre moving into our new bungalow.

We will not need this ,we will not need that.Oh how I wish!!!

My husband is the clutterer of all times, he is an official hoarder. 45 rpm records, Long playing records, books, train sets, ties, shirts, shoes, trainers, coats, jackets, trousers he will not get rid of a damned thing. He has taken up two wall to wall wardrobes, my pine welsh-dresser is full of his plugs, magazines etc. etc. my drawers are full of screwdrivers etc. etc. we have a small front bedroom that is piled high with god knows what, if he doesn't use it, it goes in there. we even have our Silver cross pram in the loft from 1970, minus wheels, god knows where they are, the baby bath, high chair, and birthday cards he sent me when we were courting, I try and throw stuff out or give them to charity but he always sees the bag and gets nasty when i try to sneak something in it. To say he is bad with his breathing and can't do anything, he does not miss a trick. I have told him I hope I die before him because getting our house cleared would be a mammoth job, I have one wardrobe and plastic boxes at the bottom for my shoes and underwear, I could be packed in one day and moved out as I would not want to take anything with me apart from a few photographs and definitely not him.

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