A few thoughts ... not wishing to tread on toes


Just read Libby's blog 'something to say'

I am a semi regular reader and have posted a bit but would not consider myself a proper regular and do not keep up with all the goings on as the regulars do.

Would I be correct in the following .... I have not read the blogs concerned but have read between the lines of other blogs (that may not make sense!)

King of the cocktails posted a joke (as he does);

Someone thought it had racist overtones and either blogged to this effect or reported it.

Moderators removed the joke blog.

I know racism is a very sensitive issue, I also know that from a 'legal' point of view, e.g. public pronouncements, work place issues etc then racism is defined by the perception of racism not the intention.... as long as the 'racist' comment can be possibly viewed in that light. I'm sure KOTC did not think or believe the joke was racist, but if someone does (and maybe I would have done ... no idea .....) then to all intents and purposes the moderators (or workplace managers) have to treat the issue as racist as long as the incident could be interpreted in that light. I work in an environment where I have to deal with these issues occasionally, usually the intention is not racist, but is open to that interpretation so has to be treated as such.

I would hesitate to criticise anyone for saying they felt something had racist overtones. I hope the 'trouble maker' did more than this to create such a furore.

We do live in a mixed world with many different cultures and sensitivities and in a public forum we are speaking to all not just our like minded mates who understand our sense of humour and our good intentions. We are strangers to each other whenever a new person logs on, public blogs are like shouting from a street corner, what we say / write can be heard by anyone and interpreted from their point of view.

If I've got this wrong then huge apologies, it shows how a 'non regular' has to piece things together as best they can........ if a new person makes unjustified unsupportable comments surely they are best ignored, if the moderators delete something then its because they have to if it can be interpreted as racist.

Sorry went on a bit, no criticism intended to any, obviously a lot of hurt feeling about, but isn't it possible to put a positive gloss on things..........

No harm intended and no harm done


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He deleted the post himself and apologised for any offence which in my book is fair enough, not really something for the nimby's to rant on about, but he's still with us. :)

The post was deleted by moderator Mark not me.His explanation was good enough for me,and he realised there were no ill intentions on my part.



Sorry king my apologies

None needed

I think it is high time this whole affair blew over and should now confined to history. It has gone long enough. The way I see things is that you have a large group of people under the same roof all with different views, different backgrounds, that there will be disagreement from time to time, but for heaven's dont let it drag on and on. We all want different things from this forum.

i know that there has to be sensivity to various issues. If something offends, say so at the time. People have different values. If they see something they dont like, let the modeator do his work.

I think I have said enough. Big apologies if anyone is offended.

I agree, Annie.... and it's not just because you scare me! :) x x

I scare you, nowheeze? Oh dear - see my arms are held out in friendship. If you stop smoking, it will be worth it!

Honest - I know you're watching - me no smokey - however, my mouth is covered in chocolate ..... so much sweeter :)

My lovely friend in America sent me a huge, and I do mean huge, box containing a mountain of Maltesers...... by the time I finish these off, I should have seen off the nicotine monster .... :)

Thanks for caring Annie

Sandrax x x

This has been blown out of all proportion. KOTC's blog was in no way racist. I have seen racism at its worst and KOTC wouldn't even register on the scale. This all blew up because of a single moron who wasn't brave enough to come in under his right name.

Ok, rant over for today. Bobby

Hi Phillips

Its not the point whether you or I think it was racist, its whether someone did and the moderators could see that it could be interpreted that way.

btw izzy is not my real/right name either

As far as I can see KOTC has been a bit upset (reasonably so ..... hard to find yourself accused of racist jokes when you did not see it as suc ..... but a learning moment .... someone did .... and that all it takes ..... here and in the rest of public world) ..., and KOTC has not made a big fuss ..... Respect to him



The problem is that vitually everything we say can be taken as offensive by someone somewhere. Where do you stop? As a non-PC person I am sick and tired of kow-towing to everyone who dreams that I have given them offence. I mock nobody's religion, colour or gender. I respect their differences but it is because I feel it is right, not because I am told I must.

Hi Phillips

I think of myself as a very PC person .....not because I must but because I chose to .......its a very denigrated concept .... not about being 'politically correct' ..... whatever that means

but about being sensitive to the 'other persons' point of view

And things have changed over the last 'x' years ..... jokes that were OK are not anymore ..... and that's the way it is ..... and quite right

I don't think 'virtually anything we say' is offensive actually .... most of what we 'say' is just chat and not about race religion etc etc

I don't think I can offend by discussing my mad dogs ...... but that another blog

Izzy x

Ditto for me. Here we are all "sensitive" over what? Meanwhile, there are people tossing homemade bombs at innocent people. If we don't toughen up a bit we are going to be no match for these barbarians. There is no law against being offended and racism is in the eyes of the beholder.

Facts and truths aren't racist just because someone can't handle the truth.

Well said. LIbby

A total waste of time,,on all counts,when as we are all ill,,putting your blood pressure up is not a good idea..It is very easy to fall into the trap,of i am right and they are wrong,,done it myself,,sad to say,, :( IT SHOULD NOW BE RELAGATED TO HISTORY.. :)

raptor - I have already made a similar comment. NOT good for our blood pressure, is it.


This issue was resolved by the moderators and as such further comment would be inappropriate. Your right to voice your thoughts is acknowledged.

Hi scrobitty

I assume you have made this comment to all the bloggers who have pursued this issue so relentlessly over the last few days.... I think you are quite right, there is far too much outrage and comment about a minor issue (someone accused of racist joke) .... sorry if I have exacerbated the situation

Big thanks for acknowledging my right to voice my thoughts: I acknowledge your rights too

Izz the whizz x

I was speaking personally and not presuming to address my comment to any other blogger.

Hi scrobbitty

Sorry ..........I'm a bit confused .

You posted

'This issue was resolved by the moderators and as such further comment would be inappropriate.'

Is the 'personally' meaning I am the only one whose further comments would be inappropriate ... or were you 'speaking personally' and referring to yourself?

V confused and trying to be helpful and clarify my thoughts


I was referring to myself Izzy as I don't presume to dictate to either yourself or others what they should or shouldn't feel able to say.

I think you have missed the point of my blog izzwhizz. It is not about what is or what isn't pc, it is a question of a perfectly innocent well thought of member being attacked outright by someone who turns out to be masquerading under more than one profile. That person could quite easily have reported the blog concerned for not being pc and left it there but they were not content with that. As you didn't see the blog you aren't to know this. All that is (or was) now in the PAST where it should stay and my blog was simply to see if we could not have a simple, effective and acceptable way of stopping abusers in their tracks in the FUTURE.

Hi Libby

I don't think a public forum, open to all, can ever have a system that allows the few who make unpleasant comments to be 'punished' other than by ignoring them, whether they have more than one profile or not (Not sure why that matters actually ... and am mystified as to how one tells .... do tell!).

'Abusers' .... like racists can do, exist in the eye of the beholder and are therefore real

However an abuser to me might be a truth teller ... 'say it is it like; .... person to you ....

That's why we have the moderators ... they have to take an impersonal view which is essential I think

It a tough one I know

but in public forums, I think the only way.

Hope this makes sense

Best wishes


Here we go again. Best wishes. Libby

Well put Izzy

Agree with raptor.lets just put it to bed.

Agreed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

A dog chewing on an old bone time for something fresh boredom in the same fashion a story is repeated on a twenty four hour news channel I stop listening, with toes up off the floor heading for a nap.

I agree mogli712.

One thing I would be offended about is being called a moron though probably quite a few other insults I would object to as well. But then I guess most people would.

To bed let it be put.

That's good coming from you, your the started this, by quoting site rules, and guide lines, inciting more aggravation in the forum, are we, there's a saying that springs to mind, "Practice what you Preach".

So because I showed concern about something that may offend and mentioned site terms, that gives everyone the right to abuse them more by personally attacking me.? NO IT DOESN'T Lets just agree to be sharing different viewpoints about such matters this and please NO MORE name calling, (caps not shouting just to emphasize).

leave it now and forever hold your peace report, and ignore that is the advice for all I believe.

That's fine by me just REMEMBER ( emphasis) what you've just said.

GOOD NIGHT TO ONE AND ALL ..lets get back to normal and also enjoy a bit of light hearted




Night king

Good night.

Oh dear when will this stop??????? Really fed up now, Can everyone just get back to normal PLEASE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Izzwhizz I agree that we ought to put the subject to bed now. I just wanted to say you sound like a very well balanced and sensible person and you put everything so clearly. It just shows it is possible to put your point of view without being nasty. And I agree with Libby that you, King of Cocktails, handled it very well too. Well done to both of you. You make an old cat proud. :)

Bev xx

Ooops must be late - sorry Izzy you said that about King not Libby. Beddy byes and all that. Sweet dreams everyone..

bev xx

Apologies to all for late comment - i get the digest so I just see the site in the mornings when i get up. Izzi, your original blog post is clear and comprehensive - and better expressed than when i tried to make similar points a while back.

And I too do not believe that anyone intends to be racist here. jean

That was exciting..Round 2 today perhaps...LOL.

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