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Sitting here part way through my morning meds intake routine, Ann just left to go shopping, musing on your response. Life is not fair and makes no pretence to be so, it just is. Those of us who share this forum need no reminders of that but there are some circumstances that lay one hurt upon another that feel particularly hard to take and yours feels like that to me.

The feeling of helplessness to help or aid another is so bloody galling.

My very best wishes Wendells for some luck a bit closer to that which you deserve than you're getting right now.

Chris :-)

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Hear, hear I second that x

Thirded, must mean passed and should happen. Auntymary xx

Thanks Chris,heart warming post.Will let you all know how we get on,tomorrow's another day.....Love Wendells xxx

So sorry Wendells what dreadful news, thinking of you.

Lib x

Txs Lib xx

I have just heard about your hubby Wendells. That is really sad news. I wish you all the best for the future. Lots of love from Bobby xxxx

Thinking of you both. Take care x x

Hi Wendells

I'm so sorry that you have had such bad news and that it was given to you in such a blunt way.

It must be so very difficult to deal with the acceptance of such news.

Sometimes the medical profession is astounded by people making a really good recovery, when they (the doctors) don't think a good recovery is possible. I hope that your husband makes a good recovery.

Best wishes and lots of love



Oh Wendells

I,m so sorry you,ve had such awful news, I shall be thinking of you both



((((((((hugs for Wendells)))))))))) You are so right my friend, tomorrow is another day and who knows, we're all with you in spirit with the necessary emotional support, which I'm sure you already know and healing thoughts and best wshes are on their way as I type :)

Keep on keeping on ...


I have just heard your sad news Wendells. I am so sorry. I really hope he does make a good recovery. Stay strong my love and lots of hugs xxxxxxx

Bev xx

Wishing you and your hubby all the best Wendells. Stay strong both of you. xxxxxx

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