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Life can be rubbish at times

Having just got over the winter and all the infections that it brings we were looking forward to hopefully a sunny summer and days out. Unfortunately I had to visit out GP last week as I had been in quite a lot of pain only for him to tell me that he was referring me to the hospital as he thinks I have rheumatoid arthritis. I am not a quitter and once the pain is under control will deal with this but when the GP asks is there anything worrying you the answer to that has got to be yes. I am the carer for my hubby and I wonder/worry how this will affect us both. Thank you for listening.

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I am sorry to hear of your anxiety. Has your gp done blood tests for RA? Don't jump the gun my dear, I know it's easy to say but there may be no need for much worry. Anyway, there are great new drugs around now for RA, they've made a huge difference to a close friend of mine who has it, so the diagnosis is nowhere near as depressing as it once was.

It's awful how life throws such c*** at some of us, time and again, but take it a day at a time - you're obviously a great team

thinking of you

ff x

I think I know how you feel, second life. All my problems are age related and I do accept them. I can do basic cooking, stick some washing in the machine and other lesser tasks around the home. My husband is great. He tends the garden, loves cooking and pottering around. Amazing person really. But now he will be having his second lot of chemo on Thursday and will need my help which I will gladly give him. They say the side effects will get worse as he goes through his chemo. course.

I am collecting his hospital ID bracelets. Once I have 10, it will be treatment complete. Hopefully back to normal. .

Thinking about you. Do you have family, outside help, like a gardener, a cleaner(mine is my good friend) etc., etc. All the best from Annie80x

I also have rumatiod atheritis so I know how you feel but becose you are a carer it is a double worry ,could you apply for help at all

Regards jan

Hello SecondLife :)

It's natural that you are feeling the way you do at the moment, but counting chickens before they are hatched isn't always the right way to go. Fingers crossed it's not what the doctor suspects and I'm sending healing thoughts and a great big (((((((((HUG))))))))))) your way right now !

Keep on keeping on ....


I can understand your concern. Just take one day at a time and see what your tests show.

You can always come on here to talk about thins.

Lynne xx

Ask for more help when its needed no good for either of you trying to muddle through when social services are there with support.

My wife suffers from RA and is finding it more difficult to do the things for me that she is used to doing.But we try to keep smiling,albeit difficult at times.


What an added worry for you. If you can just hang on until you get the diagnosis. So hope that the pain can be brought under control. In the meantime enjoy the nice weather! Thinking about you. Lots of love tad x x

Thanks everyone, I do not very often come on here to leave a comment but every day read the blogs and there are several that cheer me up. I am sure that most of you will relate to "I just needed to get it off my chest", and I am grateful that you are here. Hospital appointment will be within 2 weeks so at least I know what I am dealing with so that we can move forward.

Sorry to hear of your worries.Lets hope there may be better news from the hospital.

Do let us know how you get on.We are always here to share with xxx

I have a similar type of arthritis to RA and have been caring for my hubby (who has MS) for years. Once you have a definite diagnosis ask for a carers assessment from your local council as that may help you get aids to help in your caring role.

Thanks for this, it was that sudden jolt that made me realise that I would not know where to turn. I am hoping that the person I see at the hospital will be as kind and caring as my hubby's doctor there.

Make sure that you tell whoever you see that you're a carer as in my experience they like to have the full picture. It may also help you access some services such as physio or OT (if you need them), more quickly xx

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