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Dating in the 1960's..............oh yes they did date in the sixties .HealthUnlockders

.....................Dating in the 1960.s

It was a hot Saturday evening in the summer of 1964

and Fred had a date with Peggy

He arrived at her house and rang the bell.

'Oh come on in!' Peggy's mother said

as she welcomed Fred in.

'Have a seat in the living room,

Would you like something to drink?

Lemonade?Iced tea?'

'Iced tea,please,' Fred said,

Mum brought the iced tea.

'So,what are you and Peggy planning

to do tonight?' She asked

'Oh,probably catch a film,and then may be grab

a bite to eat at the Berni Inn,maybe take a walk on the beach.'

'Peggy likes to screw ,you know,'Mum informed him

'Really?'Fred replied,his eyebrows rising

'Oh yes' the mother continued,'When she goes out with her friends,that's all they do!

'Screw again and again!!'

'Is that so ?' asked Fred,incredulous.

'Yes' said the mother,'As a matter of fact,she'd screw all night if we let her'

'Well thanks for the tip!'Fred said as

he began thinking about alternative plans for the evening.

A moment later, Peggy came down the stairs looking pretty as a picture,

wearing a pink blouse and a hooped skirt,and

with her hair tied back in a bouncy ponytail.

She greeted Fred

'Have fun kids!' the mother said as they left.

Two hours later,a completely dishevelled Peggy burst into the house and slammed the front door behind her.

'The TWIST mum ' she angrilly yelled at her mother in the kitchen

'The b****y dance is called the TWIST!!!!

And what were you thinking?



Twisting your time away ,the Breathe Easy way.

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Have heard it before,but still brings a good laugh!! xx


Did you like twisting?




hahahahahahahhaah brilliant loved it :) :)


It is a twister!


The old fella and I were married in 1960. His name is Fred I wondered what he got up to on Saturday nights in 1964..............................


Well if you knew Peggy Sue....................


I loved doing the TWIST too .......... ;) the dance, that is !!! :O

Keep on keeping on ...


Let's twist again!


That was my 1st record :-)


Mine was 'Oh my papa' by Eddie Calvert


We have the same bother talking with our children as our parents did with us when we were young :-)


Twisting ,twisting,twisting the night away.


I tried doing the twist at the time but I was very, very pregnant so mad a mess of it. What a sight.


Oh you little twister


Ha ha. My first boyfriend in the 60's was called Fred! The first time he came to our house to meet my parents he offered my mum a light (no disposable lighters in those days, it was a Ronson). The flame control must have turned in his pocket as when he clicked it it was like a flame thrower and she nearly fell off the chair!! What an introduction. Thanks for the memories Richard.


Memories are made of this!


memory blogs are always interesting. I have mine!


Don' forget to share them!


I won the jive competition at Butlins Skegness in 1964, and believe it or believe it not, I can still jive and do the twist without getting breathless.


I can do the 'Handjive' with out getting breathless


I can do that too. The trouble is nowadays I have no one to jive or do the twist with as grumpy could never dance even when he was fit. I still buy the 60's CD's from Amazon and played the Everly Brothers Cathy's Clown the other day, oh happy, happy memories, wish I had my time over again. Spent all my teen years at the Mecca Locarnos, and funnily enough I can close my eyes and see the faces of all the young lads in their dark suits and ties, they did look smart, not like nowadays, always in their jeans and tee shirts.


I was never one for dancing but at the Gaumont Sat morning flicks I was cajolled into going on stage to jive.Skin tight black jeans ,yellow polo kneck jumper,beatle crushers,DA hair cut,splash of OLD SPICE.

I didn't win ,but I did it

PS never saw her again!!



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