The BRI rocks


On Saturday I went to Bristol (by train) to see my son and to be with him when he had his chemotherapy session on Monday 22 April (last session is in two weeks).

On Sunday, I didn't feel too good - I was getting very breathless.

On Monday we went to the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) for 10.15am when his chemo session started. The session ended at about 3pm. During that time I began to feel really unwell and when I stood up to put my coat on and go back to my son's house, I was really short of breath (SOB). Two of the nurses in the Oncology Department came to my aid and one suggested that it was perhaps a panic attack - if I had had the breath to speak I would have said that I was not panicking.

At about 3.15pm I was in the BRI Accident and Emergency Department with my son (the poor boy was really anxious).

I had blood tests, X-rays, answered lots of questions (well, my son answered most of them for me) and was given the most amazing care from the medical staff who looked after me.

I said that although my condition has not yet been confirmed I had been told that I had COPD and emphysema. I also said that I was on Warfarin (I seem to love having DVTs and PEs!!!)

The outcome was that the A&E consultant thought I had another PE!!

I was given some medication and although discharged at about 8.45pm was told to ring 999 should anything else happen.

My son and I went back to his home where there was a gorgeous chicken casserole ready for us courtesy of my son's partner, Laura.

To end a bl**dy awful day, David and Laura had a row. Only Laura and I ate the casserole.

My husband didn't want me to take the train home so he drove up from Cornwall this morning, collected me and drove back down again this afternoon.

I really wish confirmation of what is wrong with me would come soon but I'm still on antibiotics and can't have the spirometry test until I have been off them for six weeks.

I'm sorry for being a 'moaning minnie' - it's just that I wanted to tell somebody in the 'know'.

PS - the BRI is wonderful!

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  • i I dont for one minute think you are a moaning minnie ,with every thing thats going on in your life you are allowed to say how you feel and hopefully feel better for it .

    hope your son feels better and you get your results soon take care

  • Hello Newlands

    I could have sworn that I wrote to thank you for your kind thoughts but my post seems to have disapeared into the ether.

    Thank you for listening.

    Best wishes



  • Pepsicoley - that is what we are here for to lend an ear when you have had such a bad time at the hospital. Consolation is that you were in the right place. Wonder why all trouble seem to happen at once. Moaning doesn't come into it but getting things off your chest is the best thing. Hope you are now much better, and David and Laura have made it up (I hate family rows and I have been witness -- I had as asthmatic attack when my daughter rowed with her husband.) Especially how is your son getting on with his chemo. Husband has just started his. Best wishes to yourself, Pepsicoley

    love Annie80x

  • Who else can you sound off to, and know you'll be understood? Carry on gal, get it all off your chest. That old saying a problem shared is a problem halved, is right.

    I do so hope you're breathing better today, and that your son responds well to his treatment. My heart goes out to you and yours. Take care x x

  • Thank you Nowheeze

    I'm hoping that my son is clear of any cancer cells that are floating about when all this is finished.

    My breathing is better than yesterday but still a bit laboured. I was told by the Doc at the BRI to go and see my GP and I will do. Perhaps he can give me some other sort of inhaler.

    Kind regards



  • Hi Annec, I,m so sorry you,ve had such a lousy time of it the last few day,s. I hope you are feeling a little better now? I,m sure it must be worrying for you, with your son being poorly & having to cope with your own illness,

    Try to get some rest, you must be shattered.

    I hope you & your son get well/bit better soon

    best wishes Karen xxx

  • Hi Karen

    Thank you for your lovely message. I really do appreciate all the messages I receive. I find them comforting (I suppose that sounds a bit corny but it's true).

    Kind regards



  • My lamb, we all need comforting from time to time & if we can't get it here where we are all in the same boat or similar boat then where eles are we to look. I,m glad you came here looking for your friends, it.s what we are for

    all my love Karen xxx

  • This is just the right place to come and express yourself. We understand wish you well and want to support you. Come back to us and let us know how things progress.

    Good luck, Chris

  • Thanks Chris

    I will let you know how things go.

    Good wishes



  • Hi Annie

    I didn't think about the 'silver lining'! Being in the BRI was a brilliant place to have an attack of whatever is wrong with me.

    I spoke to David to say I was home safe and sound but he didn't mention Laura - but then she doesn't get home from school until late (she's a teacher). I'm keeing my fingers crossed.

    David is looking forward to his last session in a couple of weeks and then having the stoma removed (having his bowel reconnected).

    The chemotherapy has been really hard going for him - he's part of a trial that the Oncologists have set up. They (the medics) believe that after three months the chemo is not so effective so if there is a good outcome cancer patients will only have to put up with the side effects for three months. David's part in the trial was to have six months chemo (he would rather have been one of the patients who have the three months).

    Perhaps your husband will be one of the people who do not have too many side effects from the chemo (I have a friend who has chemo once a week for three weeks and then has a week off and, amazingly, he has had hardly any side effects at all).

    I do hope that you are able to cope with all the awful things in your life at the moment. The Macmillan Nurses are really helpful (not only with the medical side) - they have all sorts of experts that they can call on (financial, benefits, housing etc).

    I wish you well Annie.



  • Pepsicoley

    You moan away my love. We all do it at some point. Sounds like you had a really bad day so you are forgiven for moaning. You hadn't better moan tomorrow though, I might have to shout at you. Lots of love and understanding from Bobby xxx

  • Hello Bobby

    OK, fair enough! I don't think I want anyone to shout at me.

    It's a bit late and I am really tired but I am going to cook a pizza.

    Take care



  • Enjoy the pizza and remember shoulders down, relax and smile. Rows can be a release mechanism but not nice to see. So big hug and sleep tight. x

  • Hi Annec,

    Oh you poor hun. You're always in the right place but at the wrong time aren't you. Hope you made good use of the extra casserole. Must be hard on your son and Laura too though...he was probably tired out - no more, no less. You were probably a lot longer at the hospital than he'd expected.

    Good on hubby looking after you too.

    Love and (((hugs))),



  • Hi Annec,hope you are feeling a bit brighter by now! Yes, it must be hard on your son & Laura.When the stoma is removed, things will be a bit brighter for them.

    Thank goodness, your husband is so caring,I am sure you would have been relieved,seeing him, and getting home by car!

    Do look after yourself, you have been through a lot.Dont worry about your son & Laura

    they have had a lot of strain also lately,

    Hugs Wendells xxx

  • What a rough time you had pepsicoley. Hope things improve for both you and your son.

    Love cx

  • Sorry called you by the wrong name,pepsicoley!!

  • Hello Wendells

    My name is Annec.


  • hi pepsicoley 1ST, in 2011 i had heart bypass at bristol heart inst and spent 6 days in the bri after op the staff are great really caring i went into af 2 days after bypass staff were right there sorting me out and the follow up is great check up on you ever year

    !. ----------- 2ND, Also took me a year for someone to listen to me regarding my breathing AT MY DOCTORS THEN FOUND OUT 2 MONTHS AGO I HAVE COPD

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