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Advice of ICD options

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Hi, I am due to get an ICD fitted in the coming weeks after being diagnosed with brugada syndrome. I believe I will have two options available and would like to know if anyone has any pros or cons to either of the two options available to me.

1. Traditional ICD with wires attached to heart

2. Subcutaneous ICD installed below armpit

Any thoughts, experience or knowledge would be greatly appreciated

5 Replies
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Dear Brugada

I was never given a choice of placement of the CRT-D I had fitted but I have been told that they are a bigger piece of kit so maybe they can only go in one place, mine sits on top of my chest muscle, no problem.

I would think that the question has to asked to professionals in this field as to the pros and cons,

ask about battery change in the future, which placement is best if you exercise etc, have young kids, the list must be endless for you { write them down }

Take care and whatever position you choose for the unit to be placed in, I really hope that it simply does it job in helping you re-turn to some normality.

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Brugada in reply to Blue1958

Thanks Blue, yes my brother has the same one as you. I have my meeting with specialist today and will go through all the pros and cons of both.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello and welcome to the forum!

The subcutaneous ICD has no wires which slightly reduces the risk of infection and eliminates the possibility of wires moving. However herein lies the problem. Whilst it can "kick start" the patient it has extremely limited pacing abilities. My understanding is the Brugada can cause extremely high heart rates so pacing might be appropriate. Be guided by your cardiologist who knows more than any member here. Personally I suspect the traditional ICD might be the appropriate one.

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Brugada in reply to MichaelJH

Thanks Michael, yes that was was thoughts too from reading up on it. Was hoping to get some insight from others who may have the s-icd installed for brugada but it seems quite rare. Cheers

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Brugada

Hi... After some trawling I have found Beverley25 had Brugada and an ICD .This post will alert her but I am not sure she is still an active member as it is a few years since she last posted.

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