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App for iPhones

Well one day since the app was discontinued. I think one more day and I will have to leave the forum I love so much.

I only use an iPhone and trying to navigate the sight on internet is not as easy.

All the best to everyone


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Sorry to hear that Gil.

I switched and whilst it is a little different, I've found it ok. What are you having problems with ?

I do think that they can/will make the site a bit more 'mobile' friendly now that the app is no more, so stick around and see if they do, or you may find you get used to it 😏

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gilreid1 in reply to Gaz_chops

When I go onto site all I want to see is a list of posts.

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Gaz_chops in reply to gilreid1

Have you saved it to your Home screen?

This is what I see now
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gilreid1 in reply to Gaz_chops

GazHave or thought I replied twice two you but god knows where they went 🤬

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Magicfairy in reply to gilreid1

Done the same to Pauline😏 wrote a reply, not there, have to press reply after writing the message, didn’t have to before ( I think 😂) hoping that works, sorry would have sent a private message, but don’t know how yet 😞 x

Hello :-)

I am not sure what HU is doing as I have read on another Community another long time member that has been on HU was saying they were going to have to leave for similar reasons they use an iPad

Someone suggested could they get Google or Safari on it as that would work

I can get Google on my phone even though I use a laptop

I hope you can find a way round all this and there has to be one , I have not been a member long but would miss you if you were not on here and does not seem right Communities should loose members this way

You could try contacting HU as I am sure they don't want to lose members this way :-) x

Hi There, yes not happy, hate change, but don’t go yet, give it a while, hopefully we will get used to it😫, or they will make it better xx

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Gaz_chops in reply to Magicfairy

What is it you dislike about it? I actually can't remember what was so different , but I have always used both the Desktop & iOS app versions.

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Magicfairy in reply to Gaz_chops

Hi, a little technophobia in my case lol, I only have an iPhone, it’s great as long as things don’t change, I can see that this is better, more options, and if I get stuck luckily for me 🙂, not her I have a willing ish daughter to sort me out 😉 x

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Gaz_chops in reply to Magicfairy

lol ok if it's just about 'change' i can't help, hopefully a bit of time using it will 🥴

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080311 in reply to Magicfairy

Hope you don’t mind me jumping in, I had a new iPhone not too long ago and son was helping me over FaceTime (he is on south coast I am in Scotland ) and I saw the frustration in his eyes! Yesterday saw a quote on line that made me laugh out loud, it said ‘ when you have to ask a one of your children to help with some tech problem and you get an eye roll remind them once I taught you how to use a spoon’ 😂😂😂😂

Pauline xx

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Gaz_chops in reply to 080311


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Magicfairy in reply to 080311

Love it 😂🤣 xxx

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Gladwyn in reply to 080311

Fabulous! 🤣🤣🤣

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to 080311

Changed their nappies too 😂

Great I am going to pinch that one. 😂😂😂

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Madge11 in reply to 080311

Brilliant 🤣🤣🤣

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Handel in reply to 080311


My son is here at the moment. He is wetting himself with your post 😂 brilliant I can also add that this web page is archaic and is really requiring updating

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080311 in reply to gilreid1

My son is flying up next Thursday for a few days, I will try and get that quote in at some point 😂

I have an iPhone, didn’t know there was an app! Just work off the daily email - no issues!

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Jules2021 in reply to Janma123

Snap. I had no idea about an app so the daily email is the "norm" for me too

Hi not very tech savvy myself, I get an email every morning and I just open it to access the forum, I don't have an app, I only use an Android phone,char

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Partner20 in reply to Thanksnhs

Me too. I am an Android user, and access HU via my daily email. I have never encountered any problems. (Tech savvy partner has to have iPhone for car-pairing purposes, but detests them!)

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Thanksnhs in reply to Partner20

They seem too complicated for me,my phone is linked to my chrome book and Alexa,my 40 year old son got an I phone it took him ages to get used to the apps etc, I will just stick to what I know char

I don’t like the fact that replies are muddled up with other BHF news etc. A forum has to be separate for it to work for it’s members. It is also distracting. Why change something thar worked well?

Don’t have the app have an iPhone just click on link in email and gets you to forums not sure what problem is?

You can add it to the screen on your iPhone (I also use it on one), although I agree that I much preferred the app.

I only ever use a laptop for this site. I get a daily email which is so simple. I'd never use a phone because it's too small


I use Safari on my iPad and haven’t noticed any changes. Am I doing something wrong?! 🙂

Don’t do that. I don’t even have the app and seem to be able to get on with no problem - so far.

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