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Weight Gain

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I decided a couple of months ago to try and gain weight, I had lost nearly 3 stone post SCA & OHS 3 years ago.

I have struggled all my life to put weight on, started weight training in my early 20's and slowly went from 9st to 12st, maintained until SCA.

Anyway, set myself a goal to get to 11st (70kg), I started on the 10th May at 10st 4lb (65.3kg), weighed myself on Fri and was 69.5 so less than half a kg to go, was quite pleased.

Been eating around 4,200 calories a day, on weight training days, a bit less on cardio days.

One thing I noticed is my resting HR has gone from 50bpm to 56bpm, I wondered if this was down to the extra weight I was carrying, then thought maybe it was more down to the fact that my heart is working harder even at rest, to process all the extra calories! I had a chat with one of Dr's and they agreed it was probably the extra workload on my body to process the cals, particularly as I tend to eat something every hour.

Well hopefully i'll hit 11st tomorrow, then i'm going to cut back and maintain for a while to give my body a rest, interested to see if RHR goes back down!


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Lots of protein & weight gain drinks help hit calories

Typical days cals

You could've had some of mine if you'd just asked :D

Had lot's of offers from lot's of people, stock answer - "I want 'GOOD' weight NOT Timber" 🤣

:D :D :D

Can’t beat a protein shake, fills me up a treat after a gym sesh

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Gaz_chops in reply to Boo_boo1

I use the protein powder on my porridge in the morning & post workout as a drink, in-between i have several weight gain shakes (a lot more carbs).

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