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Hi my name is Yvonne, just turned 54 end of Jan, had 2 stents fitted on Friday. On atorvastatin, clopidogrel, aspirin, atenolol. Unfortunately heart disease runs in the family although I’m the first female, my father died at 45 and lost my brother last yr same age as myself just now, not sure what to expect over coming weeks?

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Hi Yvonne ,

Welcome to the forum of fellow hearties.

I had HA aged 63 last April

One stent .

It really is early days for you and you will still be in shock with what has happened to you and understandably so .

My early advice would be to take things easy and be kind to yourself .

Stents sometimes take tame to settle and you have to get used to new meds that may need adjusting so keep in touch with your Gp. I found my Gp really good in the early days .

Lots of us on this forum

Can relate to

How you must be feeling and if you need a chat we are here for you x

Hi Yvonne,Hopefully you can expect great support from the cardiac rehab team. I'm 54 had heart attack July 2020 with 2 stents fitted then another heart attack in December 2020 with 3 stents fitted, my cardiac team have been fantastic, I still get pain but have found out that this could be "settling pains" (ask about them) cos they're not normally mentioned. I completely changed my lifestyle, no smoking, no alcohol, healthy eating and an exercise programme and feel so much better, honestly, the change frightened me at first, the continued pain was worrying, I suffered depression for a while but I know it gets better with time. Take time to talk to people, don't be afraid to tell people how you feel, try to stay positive and use this site, it really does help. Good luck and stay strong

Hi, I am male and 52 and had one stent fitted to my LAD artery last August following chest pain and with no family history of heart disease. I took chlopodogrel for 6 months post stent and take daily aspirin and atorvastatin. My life is back to normal (drinking less, exercising more and eating healthier) so hopefully they have caught you early and you have a bright future....Best of luck

Hi YvonneYou can look forward to a long and happy life if you can get your food intake and your activity levels to balance up, which usually means following a Mediterranean diet, lots of green stuff, losing spuds, bread, cakes and sugary foods to drive your weight down and upping your daily walking so that you get much more active and clear the fats and sugars that are clogging up and lingering in your arteries.

It usually involves a pretty radical lifestyle shift but it's a lot better than a triple bypass.

Hi Yvonne,it's all scary stuff eh?I'm also only 50 was 49 at the time of my 2 stents being fitted after a completely blocked artery near valve in sure to do as you're told for at least 2 weeks don't do anything apart from enjoy the rest and waiter service(if you have one)I never experienced any kind of chest pain before this but it scared the pants off me when I started to feel pains similar to those I had when they were widening the where on my aftercare sheets told me to expect yep phoned gp after 2days and after various conversations it does indeed turn out to be very stents had to be doubled up and re enforced which didn't help.all I'm saying is don't panic but don't ìgnore your waiting for another procedure so I still can't sort cardio re hab out atm.although the team were straight on the phone about the 2 week follow up appointment.they will guide you to the road of recovery and all your dietary and physical needs...i wish you an amazing recovery x Deb x

Hi Yvonne, I am 65 and had three stents fitted in January for my 'indigestion '. It started last year and luckily my GP was on the ball and referred me to the heart clinic and things moved on quickly from there with angina and family history in my diagnosis. I know people with stents and naively thought it would be like having a bit of plumbing done, unclear the clog and all will be back to normal! Oh, dear!

I am on similar drugs and it has taken time for my chest to stop aching, especially lying down in bed, but things are much better now. I have started rehab with the hospital team, achieved via weekly, video face-to-face appointment, plus video exercise program. I feel I am making progress and receive a lot if support from the rehab team. I'm seven weeks on, still getting the odd twinge and ache in my chest, but getting better week by week. (I've been keeping a daily note in my diary, so can compare on the odd day I feel I've gone backwards.)

It has all been a shock, as I was a fit, non-smoker, moderate drinker with a healthy diet. I have made some dietary adjustments and am determined to get back to my old self.

Good luck

Hello Hidden,I have been on Clopidogrel for nearly 4 years, so far no problem, Two things, I fell backwards down four stairs and broke my hip or femur as its generally known, I was operated on the next day, Surgeon was quite happy to operate even though I had taken my morning dose of Clopidogrel that morning.

The other thing, I had to visit dentist, a tooth had broken off and left the socket in, a dental surgeon had to get the socket out, she was quite happy with the Clopidogrel.

When I first when on Clopidogrel, I had a lot of bruising, I do bruise easily, but nothing to worry about.

Apparently some say it's the gold star of treatment, it is anecdotal.

I am 75 with history of heart problems on maternal side and high blood pressure. I was diagnosed with stable angina late November After just two episodes of chest pain and had angiogram in December and 2 stents fitted late January, which I paid for as no one could tell me how long the waiting list was for tests etc and I very nervous and anxious, which didn’t help. I was walking twice every day prior to original chest pain and after 2 weeks post stents I could walk 2 miles with a couple of rest stops. Today I covered 5 miles (with 5 minute rest stops). My wife modified my diet on initial diagnosis and my cholesterol is 2.9 on blood test two weeks ago. It was never high. I have also lost over half a stone in the past 2 months. If the weather is bad, she has devised a simple exercise programme lasting 20 minutes and then I do 30 minutes on our exercise bike. I have even done some gardening and planting and looking forward to the better weather and even more time outdoors.Take each day as it comes and just do what your body tells you. I am on perindopril for the blood pressure which I have been taking for 10 years and clopidogrel for 12 months and aspirin for life. I was prescribed more drugs post stents but had side effects and they were stopped.

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