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Stents inside stents

Hi all, just a update

Been back wards and forwards for the last few years on different meds

Finally got some answers last night.

Cardiolgist. Why have we left you this long

Me. Well you did take me to theatre in2011 and brought me back to the ward saying we won’t risk it, we will treat it with meds

Obviously meds not working let’s get a stents inside stents

What a bloody relief after been back and forth seeing different doctors

Although I am nervous as they say it’s more of a risk having stents inside stents

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If you have stents you have blocked arteries. I recommend that you watch the film "Forks Over Knives". It will show you that you can clear out your arteries. It is on Netflix and YouTube. It is about global medical research, including a massive study of 800,000 Chinese people. You might find it helpful, I did.


Thank you I will get round to watching it


Pleased you have an answer and whilst the last couple of years have not been the best for you during that time technology and skills have improved and stents within stents seems a more common occurrence. Hopefully all will be resolved soon.


Hi susie thank you, it’s been a long time coming hopefully I won’t be waiting to long,


So pleased to hear something is going to be done to help you, though it’s been a long rocky road by the sounds of it, this is great that finally it is going to move forward - wishing you all the luck in the world with the procedure and wishing you a speedy recovery x


Hi twinnie thank you can’t wait although don’t know how long I will be waiting

How are you?


More waiting but hopefully it will all be worth the wait 🤞

I’m doing ok thanks, still waiting for the full results to be sent to my gp and me. Secretary told me today cardiologist hasn’t reviewed mri results yet from 26th Nov as been away and in clinic so just a waiting game now 😬

Must be more patient 😁


Aw bless you, it’s always a worry. But I would definitely keep ringing the secretary,please let me know how you get on. And do take care of yourself xx


interesting posts,did not know of this.No knoledge myself but best wishes.


Hi terry, I’ve heard of it but don’t know of anyone personally who’s had it done. Thank you for your best wishes


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