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Hello. In addition to the heart medication that we take, is anybody using an inhaler too. I have just been given one and tbh I am scared of it !

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Had asthma all my life, well controlled, but use Ventolin whenever i need to with no probs.

Becksagogo in reply to Gaz_chops

Thanks Gaz. Am not normally this silly about things but am apprehensive!


I have used a ventolin inhaler for the last 35 years, had my first heart attack 5 weeks ago, usage of ventolin went up for the first 3 weeks after heart attack but has now gone back down to pre heart attack levels, I have not been told of any issues I may face using it along with my new heart medication

Hope this helps!



Becksagogo in reply to Stamford1

Thank you Jon. I was given a spacer with it and tbh am all fingers and thumbs so I am going to try it without. I understand You Tube has some good videos.

Hi my son had asthma from the age of 4 he was on a Ventolin inhaler until 15 when he seemed to out grow it though it did come back in his 30’s

Becksagogo in reply to 080311

Thank you. I have tried it with the aid of a You Tube tutorial ! Am still here although to early to say whether my breathing has improved!

Yes. I’ve recently developed asthma and use two inhalers. A brown one twice daily and blue one if needed. I’m used to them now and find it easier to breathe.

I've persevered Maisie and tried it last night. I just feel like I'm all fingers and thumbs!

Catlady56 in reply to Becksagogo

There is one called "easi breathe" which could be prescribed for you. It's much easier to manage than the usual blue inhaler. Still Ventolin, just dispensed more easily. I had never used an inhaler before and I find it very useful.

Hi Becksagogo,

I was prescribed ventolin after a negative covid test. Was coughing really badly and this gave me some relief when it got very rough. I was terrified at first and nervous to use it. After a few tries it came easy to use, the benefits certainly outweighed my fears in the end. I no longer need to use it but am advised to always carry it in the event of! Allergies cause me to cough alot so if I do have a reaction this is on standby to help.

Becksagogo in reply to pepper_uk

Thank you Pepper for putting my mind at rest. I tried it last night and am still here. Too early to say whether it has helped but I hope it does.

Hi, I’m a life long chronic asthmatic and use both Ventolin and Seretide and a Spacer. without daily use I very much doubt I’d still be here at 73. In 2019 I had a Heart Attack I only had 5% chance of surviving and I simply continued to use my inhalers as normal. Please don’t be afraid of using them, they will make your life easier and safer. It’s only a case of getting used to using them, I always have a Ventolin inhaler in my pocket or by my bed, you never can tell when you will suddenly need it.

Your practice nurse will show you the correct way to use them to get maximum benefit, don’t be afraid to ask you GP. Good Luck!

Becksagogo in reply to VelvetSky

Thank you. I have used it twice now. I just find it difficult to press down on as I have a little arthritis in my wrist. Hopefully it will help me to walk further.

peachy10 in reply to Becksagogo

Hi Becksagogo, ask your GP for an accuhaler. It is still ventolin but a powder rather than a spray and you just have to open it and inhale rather than pressing down on a pump. You may find it much easier. There are many different inhalers so do ask to change if you are struggling to work the one you have.

I was given one of those inhalers but found it didn’t make any difference, maybe because of the way I was using it. The GP then prescribed Anoro taken each morning, which I find easier to use than the Ventolin inhalers. The inhalation powder is different too, being umeclidinium/vilanterol which the GP reckoned was more effective. Perhaps you could ask about it if you don’t get to grips with the type you’ve got?

Tinker2015 in reply to MelB51

Does not inhaling the powder make you cough

peachy10 in reply to Tinker2015

I have a Ventolin powder inhaler as the spray pumps make me cough :D

MelB51 in reply to Tinker2015

No not really. As the other reply indicates, inhaling the powder can be easier than using the pump device.


I was the same and was prescribed mine about a year ago, tbh I am a health worker and I was afraid of it. But I use a spacer as feels more productive. I use 2 puffs of the brown preventer am and pm and the blue is very occasionally in the day. But my asthma is mild and mainly related to airborne pollution.

It gets easier but remember to brush your teeth after using, I puff before brushing.

I hadn't heard about the teeth brushing. One tutorial said drink water to minimise the risk of getting thrush. Will try the teeth thing. Thank you.

JennyRx in reply to Becksagogo

Rinse with water and spit it out after. Don’t swallow the water. And brush teeth too.

Hi. I take Bisoprolol and also take the blue salbutamol/ventolin inhaler when i need it with no problems. I too was concerned about taking it as people on beta blockers are to be be cautious with asthma medications but both my cardiologist and asthma nurse said it was ok.

I have a different inhaler too called Relvar Ellipta which is a yellow and grey capsule shaped thing. I havent taken that as too scared to 🤣🤣

Would love to know if anyone else has taken it with bisoprolol.

Speak to your health professionals but i think ventolin will be ok

Becksagogo in reply to DanniC88

It was prescribed but I was just being a scaredy cat! I have tried it and seem to be getting on ok with it.

I take only 1.5mg of Bisoprolol, but also inhale Braltus each morning. The latter released the tightness in my chest almost immediately, so I'm really glad that I take it. However, you might be on different heart medicine, and I've never used Ventolin.

I take 10 different tablets (all prescribed) including Bisoprolol. I have taken the inhaler twice. Yes I literally bit the bullet last night! It's a bit early to tell but I'm not quite so fearful now.

Honestly I was exactly the same but it's fine and the preventer does just that I no longer wake up wheezing. It's perfectly safe to take with Bisoprolol and you wouldn't have been prescribed it if it wasn't required.

Thank you French Bulldog. I have tried it a couple of times but then I got a slight tummy upset which I think was more a dodgy sausage than the inhaler so will start again tomorrow. I just find I am cacky handed with it!

Get a spacer much easier, chemist where you get your meds will give you one or the asthma nurse.

Hi, I’ve also suffered with Asthma all my life, and have been using preventative and rescue inhalers for over 40years with no issues. I also have heart issues and it’s all been good. :)

Becksagogo in reply to SJ1000

Thank you for replying SJ. I think I was more fearful of fear itself! I'll get the hang of it.

I take an ocean of heart meds and have to take Ventolin and a steroid inhaler. Absolutely no problem... I probably wouldn't be here if I hadn't taken it!

Make sure you use a "spacer" - ask doc or asthma nurse if you don't have one as this helps enormously to deliver the inhaler efficiently.

I'm afraid I couldn't get in with the spacer. It all seemed so cumbersome. I have tried without and am getting more used to it but still find it fiddly. I shall persevere!

JennyRx in reply to Becksagogo

The spacer should make coordinating activating and inhaling easier. Make a seal with your lips around the mouthpiece, press the inhaler at the other end, then do ten tidal breaths - literally gentle in and out breaths like the tide - and hold at the end for ten seconds. Doing this increases the effectiveness of the inhaler by 3 fold.

Hi, thanks for the reply Becksagogo, I see some people are talking about the powder one, I tried it but it made me cough really badly so I went back to the spray. I broke both wrists and have arthritis in both hands and I don't find a problem using the spray, I wonder is there is something not working properly on yours?

I can't take any Beta Blockers as the Asthma is too bad so I have to take a chance, even Nebeverol makes me too wheezy. As people have said there are many types of dispensers so ask to try another type, you'll get it sorted in the end.

Hi Becksagogo,

I don't think you were being a scaredy cat at all! I think it's much better to be wary and to double/triple check before taking any new medication. I've encountered lots of people who have no idea what any of their medication is or what it's for! I think you did the right thing by asking on here - being able to ask our peers is one of the many benefits of this site.

Hope you get used to it and it's helpful for you.

Becksagogo in reply to Ads568

Thank you..

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