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Audible clicking noises

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I’m 5 weeks post CABG, and all’s great so far.

I’m having a few ‘loud’ bone clicking noises ‘from somewhere in there’ as I do exercises stretching chest and moving arms and rib-cage.

Is this a natural part of healing or should I worry about?

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I believe this can happen but you say you are doing stretching exercise I would say this way too early for that if unsupervised. My rehab started at six weeks and was a slowly slowly regime. You need to get advice and your chest checked remember the wires hold the bone together while your body takes time to heal the bone. 12 to sixteen weeks is the advice I was given. Out of interest who gave you the exercises?

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Telboi in reply to gilreid1

Thanks for this, a wake up call, I started doing ‘because I felt I could’ but probably I have gotten ahead of myself and will stop now. They are the BHF exercise workouts on YouTube and I was up to level 5. Thank you I’m grateful for your feedback - I hope I have not caused any damage?

Hello 5 weeks is really early to be doing any stretching exercises. Your sternum is still healing like any broken bone. It’s held together with the wires, but when I had my op I was told no lifting no hoovering or ironing it’s the pulling pushing movement they don’t want you doing.

Maybe a call to your cardio nurse or your GP just to check sternum is ok.

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Telboi in reply to 080311

Thanks for this I will slow down as a result of the advice.

Forget YouTube get in touch with your cardio nurses or BHF rehab online. The early weeks are very important and small steps key to long term health. Be patient (excuse the pun) the last thing you need is a set back early in your recovery target 12 to 16 weeks to notice an almost back to normal

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Telboi in reply to gilreid1

Thanks your advice is much appreciated. I will curb my enthusiasm. Hope Ive not damaged anything.

You'd know if you'd have damaged something. You'll be fine. Just focus on your breathing exercises and on your daily walks, they are what really counts at this stage.

Good luck!

I experienced a similar thing for 6 - 8 weeks after my OHS. It is now 14 weeks and the noise has stopped.

Hi Telboi. I can only speak for my hubby who was told no stretching exercises for 12 weeks.

Good luck and hope your recovery goes well. xxx

Takes bones a while to reknit as they’ve cut through the bone there. The creaking and clunking settles after time. This is according to my husband here who had a triple bypass a few years ago. He still feels gaps in between where the bone hasn’t completely closed back up. He says he wouldn’t be pulling and stretching just yet. You need to allow the bones to knit and grow strong bridged between the two sides. Maybe the popping is you rebreaking the newly formed bonds? He asks.

I am 9 weeks post op and I was told 12 weeks minimum to let the sternum heal, no driving, in case of emergency stop, hoovering, ironing etc, at the moment we have no rehab due to covid which is really disappointing, I feel I could do with some guidance on the way to proceed of when I can actually get back to doing theses things, char

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Telboi in reply to Thanksnhs

Hi Char, I was told 6 weeks after op for driving - I have my 6 week check and hopefully all clear on Friday and hope to confirm I can drive next week. I started the BHF rehab videos, but I’ve been scolded on here for too much too soon. I’m doing lots of jobs around the house just trying to not do anything that is heavy.

Hope you are well.

Take care Terry

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Thanksnhs in reply to Telboi

Hi good to hear you are keeping well and getting your chores done 👍I am doing a lot more myself, not quite the duvet or hoovering yet, my son took on those chores, been out walking as much as I can, Scottish weather permitting ☔, I thought they would let me drive sooner but now they said 10 to 12 weeks, 10 weeks this Sunday post op, something happened to the cartilage between my ribs, I dread to think eeek! not sure if that held me back a bit, I have the clinic for a biopsy a week today and I hope they give me the go ahead, my car has been off the road more than on, first it was getting my icd, 6 weeks, then my icd fired 6 months! And now the transplant, I really miss it as I stay myself and my brother has had to take me to the hospital, I have been there for 3 & 4 hours sometimes, and he can't come in, take care and keep me posted with the progress char

Hope this helps

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Telboi in reply to gilreid1

Thank you x

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