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Low blood pressure today


Hi folks, my blood pressure is today at 85/45, never been that low before! Is that something I should worry about. I am on 10mg of Bisoprolol and have been for about a year. Have / had heart failure with crtd fitted.


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Yes, I would call 111 now ;-)

Agree call your GP or 111. And please be careful when you stand up. Take it slowly

The NHS gives the following guidelines,

-Borderline low blood pressure is 90/60

-Blood pressure definitely too low is 60/40

-Dangerously low blood pressure id 50/33

So at 85/45 you should probably follow this up, but at the same time it's not an emergency so there's no need to be overly concerned.

Good luck!

Bigbrian in reply to Chappychap

Thanks for that

84green in reply to Bigbrian

Try drinking plenty of water

Bigbrian in reply to 84green

Thanks for that

Water and/or milk should help to raise your blood pressure. In this warmer weather I think we forget to drink more.

Bigbrian in reply to Becksagogo


My blood pressure is always low - is usually in 80's but sometimes late 70"s. Few weeks ago I rang heart failure nurse as it dropped to 68 one day and I did feel little bit woozey and worn out. She is aware of my low bp and wasn't too worried as normal for me , especially as I am slightly built (ie skinny,) and usually feel well.

By next day bp had risen a bit and I felt okay. She reduced my Ramapril to 2.5mg from 5mg. I made an effort to drink more water. BP changes daily - I check it everyday.

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