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bleeding internally with warfarin and having a mechanical heart valve



Question about warfarin- anyone had any experience of it causing internal bleeding?

My farther had a mechanical heart valve and triple heart bypass in march , the warfarin is needed to thin the blood to protect the heart valve but every time they try to re-start the warfarin a bleed seems to happen?

They are now monitoring him with a x-ray daily and trying him on clexain injection with asprin as a substitute but do want to introduce the warfarin again at some point!

I should add that my poor dad has been through the mill with contracting covid 19 in hospital after his success heart bypass and mechanical heart valve operation and over come many life threatening complications that has followed on from this including pneumonia, 2 heart attacks, a broken sternum that needed reconstruction and 2 major bleeds that required surgery but bleed site unfound , and plural infusions, along with many infections

He is so close now to going on to a ward and leaving ICU - remarkable man to still be alive .

Starting back on the warfarin at some point is very frightening for him and us as a family..

has anyone experienced internal bleeding from having a metalic heart valve & on warfarin?

many thanks 😊🙏🏻❤️

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Hello jayniej

I have a tissue valve so can’t help over the warfarin, just wanted to wish you well and say your Dads sounds an incredible man, a real fighter.

Stay strong and safe

Best wishes Pauline

jayniej in reply to 080311

Thank you pauline

He truly is and we pray that this issue with the odd bleed now & again is resolved

and does not set him back now!

He is being closely monitored 🙏🏻❤️

Hello. It sounds like your dad and his loved ones are facing one thing after another and I can only sympathise. How old is he - mechanical valves are often given to younger patients. Warfarin is generally considered to be a safe drug as it’s been used for so long and lots is known about it.

My husband had his at age 55, just over 2 years ago. He chose mechanical rather than tissue and is on Warfarin. He has had 1 problem with a bleed, a few months after surgery. He was having dizzy spells and it was thought the Bisoprolol needed reducing but then his urine turned raspberry colour. It turned out his BP was very high. He’d been discharged from hospital with several drugs but no ACE Inhibitor. One was added back in straight away and then a diuretic added back in, which did the trick beautifully bringing his BP back to reasonable figures. Ever since he’s been fine.

We found the BHF nurses fantastic in discussing my husband’s situation and suggesting adding the diuretic back in. Perhaps give them a call during weekday office hours on 0300 330 3311 to chat through your dad’s situation.

In the meantime, best wishes to your dad, you and your loved ones.

jayniej in reply to Shar28

hello shar2

Thank you for your reply

my dad is 70 i must say a young 70 though could easily get away with looking 60 and relatively fit & well.

He chose the mechanical valve as he didn’t like the thought of going back in for the tissue valve to be replaced in 10 years time i believe.

I have spoken directly with his surgeon and he has said the warfarin is used to thin the blood & keep clots at bay as mechanical heart valves can be prone to clots attaching themselves to it do keen to get this back into his system at some point.

In the mean time its abit like watch & wait & monitor inbetween while he is still in hospital . The journey he has been on is unbelievable- we could have lost him on many occasions & are so thankful he is still with us and fighting on!

I am pleased it all levelled out for your husband in the end and they managed to get him sorted! Thank you for the contact number , i will bear that in mind!




Why not trying blood thinners of nutritional sources, such like nattokinase and serrapeptase. Even the papaya fruit and pineapple contain blood thinning enzymes. As for internal bleeding, oriental medicine has used curcuma for centuries to stop all kinds of hemorrhages, including intestinal. Curcuma works faster when combined with piperine or with sunflower lecithin. There are formulas combining both. JUST REMEMBER THAT THE BODY RECOGNIZES DRUG MEDICATIONS AS TOXINS. Stay in touch!

jayniej in reply to Hidden

Thank you for the reply

i will have a read up on those things you have quoted and do some research.


Hidden in reply to jayniej

GREAT !! You may add blueberries, omega-3 and extra virgin olive oil to the list of blood thinning foods, which are considered as heart protectors, BUT FIRST OF ALL HAVE A LOOK AT CRATAEGUS (HAWTHORN) AND ITS WIDE SPECTRUM CARDIOVASCULAR HEALING PROPERTIES.

Nic25 in reply to Hidden

I'm sorry this is incredibly dangerous advice. Thankfully I assume his doctors will ignore as otherwise it would undoubtedly kill him. You really shouldn't be peddling this quackery on this sort of forum to vulnerable people looking for genuine help and advice. I've reported this to the BHF site administrators and hope it is removed

Hidden in reply to Nic25

QUITE SAD, jayniej, because of extreme unawareness and no less extreme lack of knowledge, there are people who use to opine with authority over alternatives THEY KNOW LITTLE OR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. QUITE DANGEROUS.

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Hidden

Hi ayekila

The BHF Admin have the following guidelines to ensure that this a space of safety and non judgement.

One is not to suggest extreme lifestyle choices or to act in away that is not in keeping with the ethos of the forum

Using capitals is usually considered to be ' shouting' so disrespectful.

With respect your beliefs could be considered to be extreme.

There is no messing with anti coagulants unless you are a qualified healthcare professional

Lezzers in reply to Nic25

I've also reported it.

Mary_Janet in reply to Lezzers

I have also reported it.

Good grief your father has been through it, what a remarkable man he must be.

I can’t comment on the heart side of things but have been on warfarin for over twenty years.

Up until recently I’d never had a bleed despite having high INRs it does take some time for things to settle down, clexane is a very good alternative.

For the first couple of weeks he will be closely monitored and don’t believe people who say you can’t have green leafy veg cos of the VitK in it, just keep it consistent.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not a great believer in natural remedies there’s no way to monitor them.

Love and hugs


jayniej in reply to judes

Thank you for the reply judes

He has been on clexane & asprin for 3 days now & x-rayed daily!

I was hoping he could possibly stay on this if it works well for him but it’s looking like the surgeon is keen to go back to warfarin itself as it is needed to stop clotting .

After all he has been through and survived i really do hope nothing like a bleed sets him back on his recovery to come home 🙏🏻

Hey Jayniej. Just to add, the very best to your father; he sounds amazing! As I was a tissue valve I can't I'm afraid really offer much in the way of advice. But hope things get sorted and he's on the mend soon. Nic x

Thank you Nic judes Milkfairy 080311 Sharon46 Shar28

I am absolutely thrilled to say he has been stepped down from ICU and onto a ward for rehabilitation & monitoring of his anti coagulation in the hope for no more bleeds!! They lined the corridors with drs, surgeons, nurses, physio therapists and the pharmacist and clapped for him & filmed it all for my mother & i to see 🙏🏻❤️

Thank you all for the well wishes & hopes for dad to stay on the right path now & to come home ! 💪🏻

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to jayniej

What wonderful news!

Thank you so much for sharing this joyful and hopeful outcome

I wish your father all my good wishes on the next phase of his recovery

Your relief is palpable. Now please take sometime to care for yourself too.

jayniej in reply to Milkfairy

Thank you so much for the well wishes!

yes you are right i do need to to that - i have 2 small children of my own and have been trying to keep everyone afloat during the past 3 months but today i feel strong because he is ploughing through!

Such a remarkable man!

Thank you for taking the time to write

to me 🙂 x

080311 in reply to jayniej

What a great read on a Sunday morning, you must be thrilled.

Your Father is such a strong man, I too wish him all the best for the next part of his recovery.

My best wishes to your Mum and yourself.

Have a good Day.


I had a bleed in my knee two years after heart surgery I can honestly say it was the most painful thing I ever had I would rather give birth to 13 pound baby without any pain relief than have that again

I’m sorry for you and your dad it hard seeing a love one go through it

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