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Pulse 49 at rest? Should i worry?


Anyone have their pulse go down to 48 or 49 at night while resting?

Mine has been running in the 50s at night at rest not at sleep but at rest last night was at the high forties 48 and 49 and my blood pressure has been running high this is very concerning to me. :-(. Yet my doctor doesnt seem a bit concerned! Im am some overweight and i am working toward being more active and eating healthier.

Trying to stay positive but my body seems like it's not cooperating.

I also have Eptopics. I can feel the skipped or extra Beats. Sometimes skipping a beat averaging one per minute for a few minutes then returning to normal. Sometimes feeling like it's multiple fast beats then after several LONG seconds straightens out. I seen a cardiologist less than 2 years ago who said everything was okay except for mitral valve prolapse with some regurgitation.

But im having so many issues. And as of current I have no insurance.

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My normal resting pulse is around 48. Sometimes it'll drop to 45 or 46 if I'm really relaxed. Most nights it drops to around 40 - 42, with a minute or two below that during sleep. The lowest sleeping I've recorded was 36.

Also a bit overweight but fitness is fine and it's pumping plenty at that speed, so it's just a number.

If you're not getting symptoms and your doc is aware then nowt to stress over.

Eta: how high is "very high" on the blood pressure?

The highest i have seen mine is 160/108. That was at the GP.

Somehow I've got to quit stressing over everything about my heart that goes on.

I have pretty much come obsessed with it because of the weird arrhythmias that I have and now the blood pressure with low pulse.

Autumn822 in reply to Autumn822

You replied to my text the other night about my blood pressure being high and I really appreciate your input it helps so much!!

That 160/108 was virtually certainly white-coat hypertension given how much it dropped while you were in the office.

If you can it's well worth getting a basic home meter. If you do, the chances are you'll find that the first reading when you use it is quite high but, if you leave the cuff in place and take another 2 or 3 readings a few minutes apart it'll drop quite a bit.

Then you ignore the first high one because that was just stress at the thought of checking it.

One of the AHA suggestions is to take 5 readings at least a minute apart, throw away the highest and lowest, then average the middle 3.

Awesome! I will do that Thank you!!

Firstly it’s time to see a cardiologist again soon , are you on any medication ,,,, I have Atrial fibrillation and my heart rate goes like yours , at rest normally 50 , at night everyone is lower sleeping , but mines goes from 36 to 75 quickly ,,,up & down , but I’m on meds and other heart issues ,,,, most people if they feel ok at your heart rate are fine ,,, but sounds like you have bradycardia,,, but after seeing cardiologist he will determine that ,,, ectopic beats I get a lot ,,,,

My resting rate averaged 44 over the last week, and it dropped at times to 40. However, my heart rate has always been fairly low, even before my double bypass last year, and I have no other reasons to be concerned, so I just accept it. My rate when up and about, but not especially active, is also low, in the 50s or 60s. You didn't say, of course, how you're measuring this; for example, wrist monitors built into activity watches can be not that accurate, so it's worth taking that into account as well. But, as ever, everyone's condition is different, so consult your doctors and take their advice.

Hi Autumn

I take it you are in the States ??

What meds are you taking for your Heart ?? Some Meds can cause Low Heart Rate it may be worth checking if that's the case.

I had a low 30s HR at night and my Cardio reduced my Bisoprolol from 10mg to 7.5mg it's now in the range around 40 to 50 bpm at night.

It can be difficult to obtain a correct HR when you are experiencing Ectopic Heart beats. 1 ectopic per minute I don't think is that unusual !! Have you heard the term Bigeminy and Trigeminy it when you have an ectopic every 2nd or 3rd Heart beat my cardiologist says it nothing to worry about, but you need to check with your own Medic. The worst I have experienced was a Ectopic every other Heart Beat viewed on an ECG now that was uncomfortable !!

Stay Well and Stay Safe

I had AVR ,4 years ago , so I try my best to keep active

My partner bought me a Fitbit for Christmas,

Last time I checked my resting heart rate,

2 days ago ,just before I turned my bedside light out,

it was reading 46 BPM,

(I'm 62 )

and I feel fine.

Take care.

As with the others who have replied, my rate drops to below 50 at night as I sleep. My resting rate is somewhere around 58. I’ve been getting ectopics over the past few days - sometimes, as you describe, in runs of several minutes. I spoke to a cardiac nurse yesterday and she suggested I may be doing too much....I’ve been walking around 5 miles a day and have just started tackling hills...but also my beta blocker may need balancing. I’m taking it very easy today - dog looking grumpy - to see whether it’s exercise or meds I need to sort out. Keep on being positive - there really isn’t another way!

Thank you everyone for your replies!

Sometimes I'm not sure if it helps me to get on here or confuses me even more as most of time I get a mix of answers to either worry or not worry!

Autumn822 in reply to Autumn822

I have a pulse app on my phone that I used to check my pulse.

The only medication I'm on his 25 mg of Levothyroxine for my thyroid which was never anything but borderline.

Most of the time I feel perfectly fine other than when my heart acts like it does and its concerning. I used to get bouts of tachycardia. That seems to have gone away but leaves me with the lower heart rate which I had by the way when I seen the cardiologist a year-and-a-half ago and he didn't want to put me on any kind of medicines for the tachycardia because I already had a low heart rate. 😔

It seems like a juggling act with too many pins.

Autumn822 in reply to Autumn822

I have compared the app that I use side-by-side with the Fitbit and it runs pretty much the same.

hi!.. my average resting HR is 53/54.. taking isorobide 120mg..ivabradine 5mg.. tildiem retard 90mg and a couple of meds for bp.. lowest it’s gone to is 38.. Cardiologist said it’s ok

as long as i don’t start to feel unwell.. i did about 18 months ago and had to call 999 paramedics were concerned and i spent the night in hospital.. resulting in hospital doc stopping spirolactone and reducing ivabradine from 10mg to 5mg.. but my ticker still drops it’s beat lol

Honestly I've never seen so many people with low heart rate! Many people are not on any type of medications like me other than the levothyroxine which is very a very low dose. And then on the other hand I see a lot of people who have heart rate over a hundred at rest.. there must be something in the water. 😀

My resting heart rate has always been low to low to mid 50's even before my Open Heart Surgery. My blood pressure has never been high either. But I'm on Bisoprolol since my surgery last April and Losartan for 3 years. Losartan was for my Aortic Aneurysm. My resting heart rate and blood pressure are still low and have never really changed, apart from a couple of Afib episodes in hospital after surgery and again with a couple of infections. I've always been led to believe a low resting heart rate is really good for you.

Autumn822 in reply to cjbroon

Hi so happy you are doing well!

I hope you are right about the low reating heartrate.

It just seems like it's beat into everyone's brain that anything below 60 resting is bradycardia.

The definition of bradycardia as "under 60" is pretty arbitrary, based on averages worked out many years ago rather than "what's good for you"

Think of it this way:

The average BMI in America in 2016 was about 29. That's overweight and bordering on what's considered obese.

But imagine if, instead of setting the "right" BMI range by looking at what illnesses people suffer from at different weights, they'd just looked at the aveeage and taken that as "normal". They'd now be telling us that a nearly obese weight was "ideal"!

That's basically what they did with the "normal" heart rate range of "60 to 100" and it's stuck even though we KNOW that resting HRs below 60 are usually fine and we KNOW that resting rates over about 80 carry significantly increased risks.

You're in the "normally fine lower" category rather than the "risky but still considered normal" higher range.

Which is good!

Thank you for your encouraging input!

Mines resting at 42 to 44. You should probably discuss with you GP if it's gone down recently. With mine I get head rush if I get up too fast which is not good. I have to try to remember to get up slowly so the blood can pump to my head. Other than that all is well. But as I say mention it to your GP.

I did this morning! His reply was...Hmmm. Wonder what thats all about. 😬

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