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Chest pain with a leaking heart valve

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Hi, I have put on a posts now about my severely leaking mitral heart valve and AF. Due to the current pandemic,I like many other people am having to wait for surgery, further assessment etc. for my condition. Over the last 2 weeks my symptoms seem to be getting much worse, I get breathless now very easily and am experiencing chest pain on the left hand side. My doctor is prescibing water tablets to help the breathlessness but I'm getting worried about the chest pain. I'm desperate not to go into hospital in the current climate, but it's making me very anxious. is anyone else familiar with these symptoms?

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Hi Spiky Nana

The local news has just had a representative of the local health board on expressing concern that their ''normal' traffic has dropped right off. The hospitals are very carefully separating corona virus patients from everybody else. If your symptoms get really bad call an ambulance, it may save your life.

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spikynana in reply to Ianc2

Thank you, if it gets really bad I will x

I’ve got a moderate to severe mitral valve leak and asthma.

I’ve been suffering with worse breathlessness nearly 2 weeks now and also have a chest pain on the left hand side.

Are you able to describe your pain to me please?

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Hi MissP77,

Just spent the night in A&E with the pain, difficult to describe really; sometimes stabbing, sometimes a dull ache. Was woken up by it 2 am. Firstly took Gaviscon, then spray thing under my tongue. Didn’t go any better so panicked and rang 999. My ECG, blood pressure, and 2 lots of bloods ( taken at the hospital) all normal! The pain this time was more central and felt like a tight pain. Beginning to think it might all be caused by anxiety, but it is a real pain.

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MissP77 in reply to spikynana

So interesting. I’ve been suffering with some thing similar but from before Corona and no one can tell me what it is. To be honest, no one seems interested......

I have had more issues with my arrhythmia, shortness of breath and chest pain in the last few weeks. I take some medications like bisoprolol which i think it makes me short of breath. I totally relate with you but I think most of our symptoms are exarcerbated by anxiety. It's good that you went to A&E to get reassurance.

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spikynana in reply to Annie2609

Thank you. Yes I take Nebivolol and I’m sure they are making me more breathless

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