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Am I vulnerable?


Hi guys, I'm 39, had a heart attack at 35 +stent, I have unstable angina and managed blood pressure with lots of meds.







I've been told I'm low risk for covid19 because of my age but high risk because of past heart issues??? What shall I do? To social distant myself or not too? I'm finding that the advise on PH and nhs is stating you must have chronic heart disease to be classed as vulnerable.

Woukd be grateful for any input.

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If your doctor recommends you have a flu vaccination every year then you're in the vulnerable category

Merrick55 in reply to Kerching25

Yes he does....Thank you

i’m 45 and had a HA last month.

i saw DR yesterday and he was very clear with me.

i am in the higher risk category. i’ve been working for home since Monday and apart from Dr appointment i’m only going out for walks / exercise.

i suspect though that even though you are in the same category, you would be at the bottom end of the high risk scale (if that makes sense ? :) )

i’m sure that your risk would be much lower than an 80 year old with same condition - owing to your age.

this is just my assumption.

Merrick55 in reply to russino1

Thank you, work have suggested I go home (I work in a school) i feel like a massive fraud though because I feel physically ok.

russino1 in reply to Merrick55

I know. it’s hugely frustrating. i myself am 45 and although my HA was recent (Feb!) i am now upto 50/60 min daily walks - up a couple of moderate hills.

i feel as fit as i’ve felt for a long time and feel great

but i’m social distancing!

Merrick55 in reply to russino1

Thanks you...take care

durbs in reply to Merrick55

I am a teacher. Had a HA 4 years ago. My SMT sent me home Tuesday. I am fitter than I have been for years. Not the issue. You are in the specified risk category. GO HOME!

Merrick55 in reply to durbs

Thank you, think I'm doubting advice as nothing is black and white is it?

What's ironic is I'm having slight chest pain just from the worry of what's right and wrong.

Thank you for taking the time to reply x

Everyone needs to social distance whether we are at higher risk or not. Those at higher risk need to totally isolate. My daughter who is a GP says she cannot emphasise enough how important it is for every one of us to take responsibility and avoid as much contact as is possible whatever our circumstances. We are self isolating so only allowed to see her or our grandchildren through the window, she insists on leaving shopping for us and that non perishables are left for 72 hours before we touch them . I thought she was being totally ridiculous and paranoid at first but now realise how serious, frightened and anxious she is about the situation so am now listening to her.

She says it’s not enough to simply listen to govt advice but that we all need to take control. She’s even had people saying “ I’m not 70 till next month so it doesn’t apply to me”. The responsibility to be as careful as we possibly can to limit the spread of this lies with each and every one of us.

Let’s lessen the long term impact of this virus by everyone who is not isolating doing social distancing , only go out to exercise or for essential tasks, have respect for others people’s space if you do have to go to a shop or pharmacy, limit your exposure to other people as much as you can to avoid getting or passing on the virus. Yes you May be lucky and have minimal symptoms but you also may be unlucky and end up in a ventilator or worse. Those of us who are at greater risk will have a greater chance of survival if we need emergency care if ICU beds are not filled with people who have chosen not to avoid the risks and continue life as normal.

Hope this doesn’t sound preachy and judgemental but I see first hand the fear that my daughter ( a not through choice single working mum with 2 very young children) is experiencing on behalf of her patients and family. Please take good care for all our sakes everyone

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