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Should i share with cardiologist?

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Hiya, I am not looking for a diagnosis and i understand that’s not what this forum is for, however I recorded this on my Apple Watch today has anyone experienced similar? I bent over to pick something up and felt the palpitations so decided to record them.

Also has anyone showed their cardiologist results from their Apple Watch before or from other devices? (Like the one I’ve posted Above)As I know they aren’t the most reliable things out there so I’m just a bit reluctant.

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Hello. My husband has taken Fitbit heart rate graph but he doesn’t have palpitations or a rhythm issue, it was to look at how the rate changed with medication over time. His Fitbit readings match his heart rate readings on his BP machine, so there’s some degree of accuracy. He’s also said at the outset of an appointment that he knows it’s not medical grade but uses it to review trends and variations rather than exact numbers. The Cardiologists have been ok with it.

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That's a great tracing. You were symptomatic. It's def something to share, especially if it continues to happen.

I'm sure this technology can pick up a lot of issues as well as a lot of artifact. The problem with having one is... when do you know what to report.

Can you print this off? I know nothing about these different gadgets.

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Hiya thanks for replying, yes you can print it off as well as sending it as a PDF! I just feel a bit hesitant to show the doctors not sure why, I would feel much better if it was caught on a proper monitor as well but at least I do know I have the option to share it.

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If the md isn't interested then it's fine. But, you have a piece of information that seems significant enough to at least show him. I think the part where you were symptomatic will mean more.

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Hi, I was chatting to a cardiac technician a few months ago. He told me that he knew an EP who gave an accurate diagnosis based on the output from an Apple Watch.

So definitely get this off to your EP or Cardiologist.

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Wow that’s amazing!

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