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Coronary heart disease


Hi im after a bit more detailed information...iv had 3 heart attacks 9 weeks ago snd due bypass surgery n have been told i have chronic heart disease csn anyone please explain this in a bit more detail please...the drs have ezplained that it will spread into the new arteries that are grafted and could kill me im so very confused

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Kristin1812Heart Star

What a terribly difficult time you’ve had. It will help if you can get your questions answered, and accurately.

Could I suggest you list these key questions, and take someone with you to your GP or Consultant, who can note down their answers.

I found it all so worrying and confusing at first, that I didn’t really take everything in at all well.

Do let us know how you get on. This forum should be a great help to you, as others here have been in similar situations, and are very happy to share their experiences and knowledge.

Azy1 in reply to Kristin1812

Hi thanks for the reply could you please share your exp and what you understood abt chd thanks

Kristin1812Heart Star in reply to Kristin1812

Hi again. My history..... about 8 years ago I had three HAs and 9 stents. One then furred up, and was re done. I haven’t had a bypass, like you. Since then, it’s mainly meds that have helped me....that is after masses of juggling them.

I am hoping some of the more knowledgable people here will explain their understanding of CHD, as you asked.

Of course the literature from BHF is probably the best starting point.

I do have my own understanding, but I’m rather afraid it’s not that accurate!

Azy1 in reply to Kristin1812

Hey uv gne thru alot aswell hope ur feeling alot better. . it took 4 cardiologists to decide it was best for me to have a bypass as my case is very complex and to give me a better quality of life and to prolong my life also that i wil be in snd out of hospital for the rest of my life.

Kristin1812Heart Star in reply to Azy1

It sounds a v difficult journey you’ve been having. Why do they say you will be in and out of hospital? Have they told you what kind of symptoms should concern you?

I like to know when I can relax, and when I should worry!

Is it possible you can give us a little more information on your lifestyle etc, do you smoke, drink? What sort of diet you have? Which doctors have said it will spread to any grafts?

There is no one size fits all and everyone is different. What works for one does not necessarily work for another. You may have to make some radical changes to your lifestyle and may need changes to medication on a regular basis until things settle down.

Having had a bypass more than 20 years ago I am still here but as some of my grafts furred up have had to have a few stents put in to overcome this. Still have one that is totally blocked but that is a different story in itself.

Azy1 in reply to shopman

Hi thsnks for replying.... i used to smoke upto 30 ciggarettes a day up until i had the heart attacks i was told id had 3 in total in a space of a week. I dnt drink and never ate properly i was drinking coffee all day long and then would eat junk late at night. Im also type 2 diabetic and it wasnt controlled. Since the HA iv stopped smoking its been 9 weeks n am taking my medication for my heaet n diabetes on time im eating regulary. It was one of the cardiologist and an anaesethetist who told me that the disease will spread i asked does that mean i dont hzve long to live and dat da CHD wil kill me and in so many words i was told yes.

shopman in reply to Azy1

Thank you for telling us that. I am not going to criticise the smoking aspect as I used to do the evil weed until I finally stopped some 13 years ago having been a smoker for the previous 45 years or so. As for your diabetes are you now getting help with this just to ensure things are going in the right direction, a while ago my Hba1c was 107 but with help have now got it down to the mid 50's.

Personally I think the Dr's were wrong to tell you what they have and it may have been better to have it all rephrased. Yes it is nigh on impossible to reverse all this but you do have to start somewhere. Please don't rely on Google for your info - much better the British Heart Foundation or NHS sites and it is always worth giving the BHF Heart Helpline a ring for further help and advice.

Azy1 in reply to shopman

Are they not intending to do anything to the blocked one. How have you been after your bypass as thats another thing im scared of

MichaelJHHeart Star

Can you tell me if you have kidney problems? Thanks.

Azy1 in reply to MichaelJH

Hi no i dont have kidney probs.

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Azy1

I asked because kidney disease may speed up the progression of CHD. Likewise poorly controlled diabetes. The good news is that a friend's mother had a HA over forty years ago and is still doing well in her early nineties. She has been Type II all that time. Sadly many Type IIs do not take the condition seriously!

Moral - good control of diabetes, cholesterol and BP, healthy diet and exercise! And take your statin! I am sure I do not have to say No Smoking!

Hi Azy, it's me from the other thread, glad to see you've started this one, I'll stop replying there now and reply here instead :)

I'm so sorry to hear of the difficult experiences you're going through, it must be very scary not knowing the answers to all the crucial questions you want to ask.

It sounds as though the doctor perhaps didn't take enough time to make sure you understood the info they were giving you. It's so difficult sometimes, when you're stressed and scared, to understand and remember all the info you're given.

I totally agree with Kristin's advice about making a list of questions and taking a friend or relative to your next appointment for support.

There's also the BHF helpline, where you can talk to someone with medical knowledge.

My experiences are that I was born with a faulty heart valve, and only found out this year, aged 44, because I came down with a really horrible infection in my heart. It took doctors weeks to work out what was wrong, and then I spent 6 weeks on intravenous antibiotics in hospital and then had open heart surgery to replace the valve. I now have a mechanical valve and am on warfarin for life, but I feel better than I have done for years! BUT - when I was first diagnosed I was too stressed to understand the doctors' advice, and I was sure I was going to be ill forever and die soon! It turned out that was not the case at all.

Your heart condition sounds very different from mine, do you want to talk some more about it? How old are you, and when did you find out about your heart disease? 'Chronic' just means it's an ongoing illness, rather than a sudden acute one. Have they given you a more specific name for your illness?

Thinking of you and sending warm wishes, Cathy xx

Azy1 in reply to Amikatari

How where you after your bypass as im very scared of the recovery and when i first come round from the surgery.

Hey so sry to hear what you have gone through i can imagine how scared you must have been so glad to hear you are feeling alot better

Im turned 45 in aug this yr and a week later had the heart attacks at first i thoght it was indegestion and ignored it for 6 days till it got worse got to hospital and day after was rushed to Blackpool ocygen n bp levels dropd family was told i will more dan likely not survive bit 4 stemts n 2 bslloons later i was ok was discharged 5 days later and was bk in hospital 3 wks later with angina that is when of the cardiogists said i had CHD... 2 week stay and 4 cardiologist later was decided a bypass is best option

Went for my pre op on 5th nov was called in on 9th nov for iron infusion and then gt a call to say my op which was for 11th nov is cancelled cs i am.due on anytym and its dangerous so will get a call on 11th with new apt

They hav not given me a specific name for it i think its just been so much to take in atm i have been told its more than likely hereditry and thst it will spread as my whole heart and arteries are riddled with the disease and its not curable

Amikatari in reply to Azy1

Hi Azy, thanks for your good wishes, yes, it was such a scary time! I still get nervous at times and I'm seeing a counsellor, she's lovely. Perhaps your GP could arrange for you to have counselling too, if you feel it would help with the stress and anxiety you're suffering.

I hope they give you a new date for your operation soon, it must be even more stressful not knowing when exactly it will be.

After my operation, I stayed in hospital for 6 days. Waking up afterwards was ok, I remembered where I was and why I was there. I was in some pain, but it was bearable, and I was on morphine, which was fantastic pain relief, and also chilled me out and stopped me from worrying! I was ok to sit up after a few hours, but kept sliding down the bed, as my muscles couldn't hold me up, I remember feeling annoyed by that, but the nurses were so helpful at getting me back up, which was good. I was attached to a few wires and tubes, but they took them out over the next couple of days, which didn't really hurt, and it was a relief to have them gone, I could move around much easier then. I was nervous about having them taken out, so they gave me valium, which really helped.

After about 2 days, I could get up, go to the bathroom, clean my teeth and wash my face. After 3 days, I could walk around the ward, and after 5 days I could walk 10 circuits of the ward and had a go on an exercise bike! They get you moving so that you start to recover better, but they don't push you into anything that hurts too much.

It was amazing to be home and see my cats again! By then, I was fine to walk up and down the stairs, make a coffee and sandwich. I couldn't bend down or reach up at first, and couldn't lift anything heavy. They will give you a leaflet with a list of things you can and can't do and a timescale. I couldn't use the hoover for 3 months, yay!

I didn't have a bypass, I had a valve replacement, so it might be a bit different for you, but lots of people here have had bypasses and experience to share.

I think the doctor who talked to you didn't make enough effort to explain it properly. If you call the BHF helpline, a professional should be able to explain your illness properly and make sure you understand things better. Diet, lifestyle and meds will all help your health in the long run. So many people here have your diagnosis too, and live long and happy lives after their operations. Hugs xx

Hey aww its gd to know ur seeing a counsellor iv been referred to the mind of matter team and am due a consultation soon

Fingers crossed i should get a new date tomorrow

Thankyou for sharing your experience it has put my mind at ease it helps being able to share my feelings and read others like yourselves exp

Thankyou so much

Big hugs bk xx

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