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Low Blood Pressure


Before I was diagnosed with HF in May 2018 my blood pressure dropped very low. It is normally around 140/85 ish but It had dropped to 100/65. I told the nurse this and as I was going on a cruise the following week I was a bit concerned. She checked it again before so went away and it was up to 105/70. She seemed quite happy but during the cruise I increasingly felt unwell and the day I got off the ship I ended up in hospital having been diagnosed with HF. I had a Cardioversion whilst I was in and my heart is now back in Sinus. This week I had a review following 16 weeks on a GP referral scheme at our local leisure centre. I have been doing an Aqua cardio session twice a week and really enjoying it. The girl who did the review checked my BP to compare it to when so started and it was 105/75. She was happy but l told her this was not normal for me. Yesterday so saw the nurse to have it checked again and it was 110/80. She said that it was very good but I couldn’t convince her it was not normal for me. I’m seeing the nurse again next week so we will see what she has to say, I’m off on another cruise next week. Slightly worried.

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Mine is generally around 105. Last couple of times it was checked in hospital it was 95, nobody mentioned it. My gp has low pressure, she wears compression stockings so she doesn't fall over when she stands! She said we should have low pressure, most people are much too high


If you are following a healthy diet and exercising you should have lower blood presure .

Do you take any Meds for blood presure ?

mine was 94/55 resting pulse 51 this morning

I spoke to BHF yesterday and was advised to drink more water

If you are checking at home it may be worth checking your monitor

I have heart failure and am on a number of medicines that treat this condition, for example beta-blocker, ace inhibitor both of which are designed to take the pressure off your heart and help it beat more slowly.

Before my heart attack I had high blood pressure, these days my BP is normally around 110/70. Both my GP and my HF nurse are quite happy with this, it rarely varies from these figures and my nurse always says "nice and steady and consistent"

While my BP was a lot higher in the past, 110/70 is the new "normal" for me. I assume you will be on some meds for HF, if so perhaps your recent BP reading are the new "normal" for you.

Have persistent af, on Bisoprolol 2.5 and lixiana 60mg. My BP is averaging

90 over 55 and less!! But I feel fine, can get dizzy if I rise fast but overall good.

Try and enjoy your cruise. Hope everything is well when you get back home. I know its easier said than done. Best wishes Sheena was x

My BP has dropped as low as 87/48. My cardiologists said that was too low, but normally it averages 107/70, sometimes 95/69. They told me to be careful when standing, or sit back down if I feel dizzy when it's lower, and if it continues to contact them.

Personally, your readings sound fantastic to me. A BP in that range is a good thing.

I know in HF they really look at the ejection fraction. I would be more concerned about that & just keep watch on your BP.

Be well! 😀

I had rheumatic fever as a child (back when dinosaurs roamed) and although it never really slowed me down, I got used to having a lifelong heart condition. One of the consequences of what was later diagnosed as Rheumatic Heart Syndrome (RHS) was my BP was usually so low the person taking it would change cuffs thinking the equipment faulty. 80-90/60 is low but was normal for me...

Fast forward 50 odd years (and increasing number of conditions related to the RHS) to last March (2019) when my recurrent pericarditis, dormant since 2005, flared and my BP rose to 120/90 and the new GP said 'Right, your BP is fine.' and I had to tell her for me that was actually quite a rise. She's great, I feel blessed to have become one of her patients but although she's now seen my decades of records clearly noting my low BP as my normal, she and every other medic I've encountered since the acute episode simply cannot wrap their heads around my insistence what they consider a normal BP reading on me is actually indicative of a significant rise.

Still, I'm not going to any great lengths to argue - the Bisoprolol 1.25mg daily is working so incredibly well I'm kicking myself for not accepting it years ago. Despite what to me is a significant BP reading rise, I feel so much better than I have in decades that I've come to the decision the higher readings are my 'new normal'.

The changes in your BP readings may be the same thing - you've now been discovered to have a heart condition, your readings have changed - if you're feeling well (excepting the concern over the BP reading change), you're probably fine and simply have a 'new normal'.

That said - you should make your concern known to the GP and any cardiology team you have. Really make a point of it, I did, and talking to my GP and cardiologist both is why I've come to see my readings (consistent, not fluctuating wildly) as my new normal reading.

Please don't take my personal experience as medical advice - book a ten minute consult with your medic and make the BP reading changes your primary reason for scheduling the consult so that you get definitive proper advice.

My BP always seems to be higher @ doctor's appts. I also have a hard time convincing them that what seems normal as far as the guidelines is actually high for me!

I did think at first the higher readings were 'white coat syndrome' but my home monitor and the ones at the GP and cardiologist give the same readings so I know it's just my new normal to have the higher (for me) reading.

Talking about it with my GP was very helpful to me adjusting myself to the understanding for me the higher readings. Lol, she very politely reminded me I'm now in my 60s, have not got the fitness I once did, and have multiple heart conditions so a higher reading was not surprising. She also said as long as it stays in the normal range (for my age and condition), she's not worried but she'll keep my concerns in mind as we go along.

At least your sense of humor has remained intact, and that is a big part of staying healthy! Be well! ;)

I also have HF, and my blood pressure sometimes goes as low as 65/42. My HF nurse said just drink more water! It does make me dizzy though....

Wow, and I thought mine dropped low! I was also told, besides drinking more water, to eat something salty, that that would increase your BP, but salt is a no-no for HF patients, so not sure about that.

It is difficult to base your blood pressure on one reading as it varies up and down throughout the day. Usually lower when sitting and resting and higher when active. 110/80 is a good sitting blood pressure. The bottom number ( diastolic) is well into the normal range of 60-90. You could ask the nurse if you could have a 24 hour blood pressure halter monitor.

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I'm seeing the nurse tomorrow morning so I'll see what it is then and what she has to say about it. I'm just worried as the the last time it was so low was when I was diagnosed with HF.

After being administered with beta blockers & half salt diet, for more than a year my BP is always around 95/65. My cardiologist calls it as cardiac BP & pulling on with it

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