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Chest pains after stent op

Had stent fitted 3 weeks ago all went ok but still get chest pains from time to time ..any comments please

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Hi you will see this is a common topic on this Forum. A lot of us experience chest 'Twinges ' as the foreign body ( stent) settles in its new home. This can go on for months and be quite concerning until you realise the cause. If it is pain then consult your Cardio / Doctor


Just to echo the previous comment I had "twinges"for weeks after my 2 and cardiologist and cardiac nurse told me they take there time to settle and this is perfectly normal. If they are severe I'd contact your GP or cardiology team


Hi Berkoff I still get a lot of pain every now and again had an echo cardio 2 weeks ago they said my heart fractions were back up to 55 percent I had a ha 8 weeks ago got 4 stents in

Seen my consultant on Wednesday informed him of all my pains heart rate at 48 bpm

He had not seen any of my results but said the pain were not from heart ? And signed me off


I also had chest discomfort following stents .I believe it was just the fact that trauma had occurred to my arteries which is perfectly normal as they push a foreign body into your arteries . I assumed a certain amount of trauma due to pressure of guide wire and stents. It did settle after a few weeks After stents u are nervous and chest pain or discomfort does make u think. Am I taking a heart attack .The gp can reassure u by checking everything out and then u will have peace of mind.


Thanks for that very reassuring


Yes I did ...was told it was the stent beddingin does pass


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